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Lazy space
Lazy space
3 years ago

Lazy space

Created 3 years ago · 86 comments· 0 likes


Superepus is selling this creation

Exactly what I had in mind

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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2 yearsReply

omg i love it such great colors and sparkly detail im following you all should do the same!

Lol space staring at galaxy screens


one of the cooler of the old ones


Shame on you for promoting NFTs

What's wrong with that? It's creative

I don't understand why you think that, i make money off of NFT's and i'm 16

Replying to: HPCatLover What's wrong with that? It's c...

They produce really bad pollution on the world, enormous pollution

Replying to: NightSaga They produce really bad pollut...

Oh. Sorry had to look the acronym up and obviously misread the defenition. But the picture is effective.

This looks awesome! if this was a place i would stay in here forever

9k likes and 10 comments... 11*

this is kinda satisfying

it kinda looks like my thing

Me when I zone out on my bed.


WOW!!! That is amazing you should check out my stuff

looks like me everytime i come home from school.

wow this is beautiful!!!

its not often you get exactly what you are looking for, good for you!


So this is the first creation that @adansito liked

I he in outer space or inside?

Loving this! The colours are stunning 🤩

WOW Definitely following!

WOW! This is so Amazing! Following, Like

That's so cool! Keep up the good work

This is absolutely mind blowing I can not comprehend how beautiful this is.

The divine luxuries of this image are monumental


This is stunning!! The amount of likes is.., a lot...


the only thing I recognize at the top

Nice Creation!! Consider Joining my Challenge!

Fantastique création 🤩

Number Four Headband. Looks like something out of space

This is really awesome! You are talented and have a great style! If you have time to browse my portfolio, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Again, awesome job!!! Totally following you!

I would love my bed room these colours … following

WOW! What an impressive art style and a nice composition in motifs and colors. How did you (resp. AI) do it?

bro this the forth mor liked image on ncafe

Multiverse of Madness marvel movie 🍿 vibe

This is nice! I really like the colors. It reminds me of the galaxy. There might even be a... Wait, what's that in the corner on the wall? Is that a computer? Whoa, I love this!

I'm hosting a challenge. This challenge is only for the best players. As I can see this is a marvelous creation, I'm inviting you.

And, anyone who likes this creation. They obviously have great taste, too!

So, if you join my challenge, there are some things you need to know.

There are some very special instructions in the criteria. Please read that before joining the challenge.

No downvoting or NSFW. PRO models are allowed. Have fun!

Also, if you know any undiscovered awesome creators (or discovered ones) please share this challenge with them. Thanks!

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