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All‘s well that ends well
All‘s well that ends well
5 months ago

All‘s well that ends well

Created 5 months ago · 344 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸🤑💵 101

SDXL 1.0


Daily Challenge #392:No-Theme Thursday

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Both this and second place make first place look like day 1 ameture work, probably because it quite literally is. You deserved the win, Ursula. Phenomenal piece. Simply breathtaking.

5 monthsReply

You are very sweet. Thank you so much.

I don‘t know how to thank you for that generous gift. I am speechless!

Your happiness is more than enough.

I am very happy indeed. 😊

Replying to: Ursula Thanks a lot!

My pleasure darling! 🌹🌹

Congrats! Beautiful, as always!

Thank you so much!

Congrats! Beautiful, as always!

Congrats!! LOVE IT!💖

Thank you very much.

Very nice piece!

CONGRATS ! 👋≧◉ᴥ◉≦ Following.

Awesome! Congrats! Yeah!!!! Well deserved.

Thank you so much, Locutus! 😊

Congratulations , this is astoundingly beautiful and well done

Thank you so much, Kate.

Awesome creation! Congratulations!!

awesome creation! 🤎💦

Thank you so much.

Thank you! 😊

Thank you very much.

Congrats Ulreike!!!!!! So happy for you!

You are well indeed, dear friend!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Magdalene. I am completely surprised and overwhelmed.

awwwww, you deserve it! so thrilled for you!!!!

Replying to: Magdalene awwwww, you deserve it! so th...

Thank you, that is so sweet.

Replying to: Ursula Thank you.

You're welcome

Congratulations on winning third place in the challenge with this gorgeous creation, Ursula!

Thank you very much, Michael. 😊

Thank you, Shelly.

Congratulations Ursula, what a fantastic result. This is beautiful. You are a great artist!

Thank you so much, Lynn. 😊🙋‍♀️

You are so welcome Ursula. I hope you are doing well in thst beautiful part of Germany (it's all beautiful to me!). I must check in on your work and comment. You are such a great artist!

Replying to: LOUISCAT You are so welcome Ursula. I...

Dear Lynn, thank you very much. I’m doing quite well and I hope that you are well, too.

Ooh, way to go Ursula! 💖 Gorgeous creation! Congrats on your Bronze!

Thanks very much, Shywolf.

Congratulations! This is a lovely one.

Great work Ursula, beautiful. Congratulations 👏👏👏

Thanks a lot, Lilith.

very nice...congrats...following

Thank you so much. Following back.

Lovely, love this creation

Thank you so much.

great job - congratulations 🥰

So beautiful! Congratulations!

Thank you! 😊

Replying to: Ursula Thank you! 😊

You’re ever so welcome! 😊❤️

Great texture and beautiful colours💙Congratulations!

Thank you very much.

Congratulations, Ursula!

Thank you so much, Mak! 😊

Beautiful Congrats!!🤗🥰🌹👏👏💐💛🌺🌹

So amazing! I really love this, great job

Thank you so much, Gina.

Thank you very much.

Fantastic! following…

Thanks a lot. Following back.

This is breathtaking! I can't believe your creation didn't get first place! The first and second places pale in comparison to yours!

A very sweet thing to say. Thanks for this lovely feedback. 😊

Congrats. So beautiful 😍

Thank you! 😊

Thank you so much, Aman.

Very nice. Congrats!

but I'm in a new hll every time... you double cross my mind!! (This is probably really weird if you don't know what I'm talking about so sorry)

Hi Demeter, I hope it’s a good thing that’s happening to you when you look at my creation. 😊🙋‍♀️

This is perfection and would have been a worthy first place!!! Congratulations on this absolutely magnificent piece!!

Are you German, Ursula? Given your name... I'm Austrian!!

Replying to: Elenriel Are you German, Ursula? Given...

Ah, dann können wir auch auf Deutsch schreiben. Ja, ich bin Deutsche. 😊

Ja, ich hab's in deiner Beschreibung gesehen. Also Gratulation nochmal zum dritten Platz. Ich folge dir schon länger und für mich bist du heute definitiv der wahre Sieger!! 🥇

Replying to: Elenriel Ja, ich hab's in deiner Beschr...

Vielen Dank, das freut und ermutigt mich sehr. 😊🙋‍♀️

Thank you for this lovely feedback.

Replying to: Elenriel Ja, ich hab's in deiner Beschr...

Ich werde dir auch folgen und gern ein bisschen in deinen Bildern stöbern. Im Moment komme ich nur leider gar nicht hinterher damit, alle Kommentare zu beantworten.

Congratulations 👏👏🎉

hey, das ist ja super! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 3. Platz 🥳

Vielen herzlichen Dank!

Yay! I love it! Congrats Ursula!

Thanks a lot, Crystal.

Replying to: Ursula Thank you.

Oh, and congrats! 😆

Replying to: Wolfie Oh, and congrats! 😆

Thanks a lot.

CONGRATS ! 👋≧◉ᴥ◉≦ Following

Wow, so wonderful! 🥰 Congratulations!

Danke, Gerda. 😊

Congrats! She's lovely.

Thank you so much. 😊

Thank you very much.

Congratulations ❤️

Congratulations!! An amazing creation!!

Thank you very much.

Very nice, love the colors in this, congrats!

Thank you, Kim.

Very nice 👌 👍 👏 😀

Gorgeus creation! Congratulations Ursula! 🥳🥳🥳

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Congratulations!!! Very beautiful artwork 🥰

Traumhaft schön 🥰🌹

Vielen Dank! 😊

Thank you so much.

Ende gut alles gut...ach wie schön, herzlichen Glückwunsch Ursula!!👏🎆🍾🥂

Vielen Dank. Ich bin total überrascht und vollkommen überwältigt - auch von den vielen freundlichen Kommentaren. 😊

Das ist normal, bei Erfolg. 😁

Replying to: DiegoHamburg Das ist normal, bei Erfolg. 😁

Ist nur von kurzer Dauer, deshalb genieße ich das jetzt. 😊😀

Amazing 🤩😍☀️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you so much.

Congrats hottest creation on feed Ulreike!

I forgot to tell you.

I got Top Daily, Top Weekly, and Top Monthly

I didn't know anything about it

So I wanted to let you know

Feel free to ask me anything ok?

Love, Magdalene

ursula, have I lost my memory

sorry I don't know why I thought your name is ulreike

I checked your IG... so sorry, i keep calling you the wrong name?

Congratulations, Magdalene! I appreciate your kindness.

Replying to: Magdalene ursula, have I lost my memory...

No, my name here is Ursula, but my real name is Ulrike. You got that from Instagram. 😊

Vielen herzlichen Dank!

Thanks you so much.