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props go here @adansito i am the son of the son of the father πŸ™

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I appreciate you very much as well. Many thanks again.

a yearReply



thx so much!!

Wow! This is one astounding treehouse

thx all props go to @adansito on this one

He is a legend definitely!

So beautiful creation!

its really all @adansito but i thank you!

yes @adansito!! thx B!

This is beautiful! I tried something similar last week but it didn’t come out nearly as nice as this!

prompts are open...hit um again!πŸ™

Appreciate it!!! I'm a bit low on points at the moment, but I'll plan on doing it tonight when I get a few more points to use!

Replying to: BO0Radley Appreciate it!!! I'm a bit low...

i here you! πŸ™

Looks breathtaking, really beautiful! really goes here! @adansito!!

LOVE IT! ❀️😍

@adansitoπŸ‘ˆ...thx Lyss!

Replying to: shook1 @adansitoπŸ‘ˆ...thx Lyss!

I think I'm a direct daughter of Tdraw if anything! Only time I ever used anyone's prompts was Tdraw's, and I spent a good while looking at those of his prompts he left open.

Replying to: Alyssarach I think I'm a direct daughter...

on @adansito profile he states hes the son of tdraw...hence the description! ill take but always try to give credit where do!

Yeah I know what you're talking about. Just saying I guess if I'm the child of any particular person on NC it'd be Tdraw not adansito. It'd be amazingly cool if you could make a spider web chart thingo of who inspired who initially. That would be crazy.

Replying to: Alyssarach Yeah I know what you're talkin...

that would be crazy for sure...tdraw has helped me so many times! love that dude!


hey QV! thx here @adansito!!

Replying to: shook1 hey QV! thx here @adansito!!

:) You're killing it (as always).

Replying to: Quiet Volcano :) You're killing it (as alway...

appreciate itπŸ™


that's epic 😎πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

U R!!!πŸ™

maybe i should credit you on every piece...πŸ€£πŸ™

thx so much...@adansito is the real one!

Omg this looks so cool i just wanna live in it!

me too! thank you...check out @adansito for some mind blowers!


its all above☝...and thx!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful

ty Jazzy...props here @adansito

WHAAAATTTT! I'm not having much luck with this algorythim now. I don't want a cookie cutter image but I can't seem to get much else. Is there a tutorial somewhere?

@adansito...check out the prompts and see how they are doing dont have to take but its great at helping understand better. there are a lot of talented people to learn from!

Shook you would have been on top but there are people who are putting nonsense on their comments instead of having real comments so I reported them because they are taking away from the ones who deserve it like you

thx for looking out for me Jazzy...people sheeesh...its all goodβ˜πŸ’šπŸ™

YES! AMAZING! I call the tree top room! πŸ’₯

thats the best got it L!

Replying to: Andre O Adansito too

for sure...thx Andre...wish you had comments on so i could tell you how much i like you stuff!πŸ™




ty KamarguitaπŸ™

Woooooow! How I missed this?

crazy...thx smrtanπŸ™

Awesome! Love it

BARN!! my man throwing down all day!! hope you are still living my wonderful dream lolπŸ™...youre images coming in have been greatness!!

Going to sell art at the park tonight actually. Printed some hardcover art books, see how it goes! I've got lots of free time now so I've been getting lots of practice in with prompts on stable. Appreciate it shook! Absolutely loving your work and glad to see this get so many likes! I've been using a prompt generator lately to build prompts and have been digging the results.

way cool!! on all counts!! thank you Barn...means a lotπŸ™ i feel like im just stumbling around...neeb to take time and dial it in a little better lol. good luck tonight!!

Thanks shook! I felt similar up to a few weeks ago when I got access to stable. I completely reworked how I do prompts for stable so it kinda forced me out of my rut. Hardest part is putting yourself out there for sure. Appreciate you shook!

Really crazy, fantastic one😍

@adansitoπŸ‘ˆ...thx for looking Nic!

Beautiful treehouse ⭐️🌲 πŸŒ™

I would like to live there 😊

me too...thank you Robertos!

i will find my home when it looks like this... doubt! πŸ™



thx so much ElanπŸ™

Wonderful!!! 🀯❀️

thank you Daniel!πŸ’š

this the real one @adansito πŸ™

appreciate it... props go here @adansito

thx so much!!!

Cool! May be the gravity their is so low, you can jump there ... or the resident are all wizards!

awesome...nice take...thx SSS!

again i appreciate you very muchπŸ™

This is awesome!

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