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Juggernaut XL v5


This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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super beau

a monthReply


thank you

thanks, Ewelina

Replying to: Matthew thanks, Ewelina

You're welcome Matthew!

very nice composition congrats!

I would be very honored if you joined this challenge:

Wow that's really cool

awesome, i like the lord of the rings style.

such an interesting concept

Amazing piece 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼✨️

Great art! Impressive!

👏 👏 Amazing artwork! I can't believe you've achieved this result with Juggernaut 🎉 👏

oh no, I evolved this one from Dell E3

I see, it's still amazing though! When I try evolving from Dall-e 3 it becomes kind of deformed 😉

Homer writting the Illiad and Odyssey

I have wanted to do something like this for so long, but never got it right, you did!

As the quill inscribed characters, worlds were born, civilizations started, grew, rose and died

Love the contrast between smoke and mountains

וואו, חזק ביותר, אהבתי והתחברתי מאוד

Excellent, amazing, wonderful work

Wow that's brilliant 😉

Beautiful creation Matthew!

Congrats Matthew ! Beautiful creation , well done

What a work of art!!! Super!!!

So beautiful and effective!

Congratulations Matt! Amazing!

So cool. Very imaginative

Thank you to all the incredible participants who joined our challenge! Your passion and creativity have truly made this event special. We appreciate each and every one of you for sharing your amazing artwork with us. Keep creating and inspiring! 🎨✨

We invite you to join us again for the next edition of ✨Daily No Theme✨ and also to explore another exciting challenge, 🏆 ✨The Prime Time ✨🏆 (monthly no theme), where you have the chance to win dozens of credits! Let's keep the creativity flowing! 🎨

Congratulations! You win the ❤️ 2 credits for my favorite!

intriguing image, both surreal and fantastic!

Ein fantastisches Bild 👏❤️🌹

Absolutely amazing!

Absolutely magical. A wonderful creation.

This is pretty captivating. So beautiful. ❤️

Thank you for playing, 💥No Theme Throwdown💥, In Global Chat. Hope to see you in the next one, amphibians and reptiles, Already in progress! 🥳

C'est excellent et très onirique

Wowwww….if your submitting this to the challenge then you’ll definitely win, good luck 👍

great idea, nice global composition with the forms, landscape, animals ... well supported by the colors

Wow, so cool 😎 do you write?

Conceptually well articulated.... Came out really superb on AI..... This is a masterpiece on AI

Amazing 😍😍

Wow! Stunning ✨

Such a great image, wow! Amazing!

Really amazing 👉✨🌺

Bravo! Very creative and a perfect rendering…

This is so beautiful, magnificent piece.

This is an outstanding set of visual metaphors and beautiful.

Your work is amazing.

An image that is metaphorical!

i am following this is just woowww

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Juggernaut XL v5

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