Strawberry hand grenade just starting to explode
8 months ago

Strawberry hand grenade just starting to explode

Created 8 months ago ยท 125 comments


This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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Strawberry hand grenade just starting to explode

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Anonymous User

So this is the top post of all time huh

3 months agoReply

It's an interesting creation! But the main reason it's the top of all time is because it was made the day that NightCafe went viral on Reddit.

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

I never thought that NightCafe would reply to me!

Interesting story for this post. I'm glad that NightCafe has come this far.

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

Thatโ€™s very interesting.

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

Finally I get to know why this post is the top post of all time

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

Could you paste the link to it ?

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

I can understand why. NightCafe kicks ass.

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

Plus people tend to like those who are on the top 50. I pity those with beautiful creations. There are thousands of beautiful unseen artworks because the creators have few followers. I guess if you follow 10,000 people chances are you will be followed back by about 20%. With 10,000 people followed, I doubt he sees all of their artworks ๐Ÿ™„

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

I hope you guys go viral on twitter. :)

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

yeah reddit gets crazy sometimes, and i agree, nice creation!

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It's an interesting creation!...

Not Really That Interesting

@cosmic skull looks like it

This image would sell as an NFT... Guaranteed. It's got history to it... It's like... Nightcafe famous!

none of my creations will be this popular

That is an interesting artwork! I have not seen such a beautiful artwork like your's before!

Hello if you see this you are Lucy and you will have a good day๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

it looks like it would hurt

Looks like one of the cool chrome book backgrounds, This is amazing

I remember this one when it first came up... my mind was so blown and my creations just didn't look anything like this one lol That reddit post at the time has created a brand new hobby for me, also thanks Night Cafe for introducing it to me! :)

It's pretty funny why this is the top post. It's really pretty tho!

If only i could get this popular. Either way good job! this is amazing.

im mixed, if nightcafe doesnt acknowledge my existence then im claiming racism

Replying to: HELLO Uh-

this is no time to sit around, get to work. we must take action if we want the justice me and my ppl deserve

Replying to: stevie clover this is no time to sit around,...

Maybe they just didn't see your comment...? I mean, they do have a lot of comments to look at-

no. false. i bet your one of them on an alt account trying to protect yalls name

Replying to: HELLO Nope.

Read my bio.

Replying to: stevie clover nice pfp pic

Thanks! Also, I'm sorry if I came off wrong. I didn't mean to be rude when I first commented on your comment.

oh nah nah, i was just kidding abt everything i said anyways, my favorite pastime is acting like an idiot

Replying to: HELLO Oops- anyway... :/

ive been wondering, how does anyone get good at making these things? i still have no idea so my stuff is dog doodoo

Replying to: stevie clover ive been wondering, how does a...

You have 1,391 followers- You're obviously really good!

Don't shed hate on yourself.

i honestly dont rlly know how i have so many, i look around and everyones stuff is better than mine, especially small creators

Replying to: stevie clover i honestly dont rlly know how...

I just put in a prompt and hope it looks good.

ayy same, but so many ppl know actual strategies and techniques and use trial and error and enahnce it and stuff, so idk, i literally just type stuff, maybe add a few modifiers and call it a day, and then release everything i make, no trial and error

Replying to: HELLO : )


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooww tell me how

This image is really nice. Is this strawberry grenade edible?

My favorite creation of all time on NightCafe!

wow that's a lot of like but it deserves them

When Kim Jong Un does Strawberry Business :

Interesting, I like it

i hope that this will stay ontop

What is an NTF? Follow me

bravo this is an awesome creation

yo wait wtf when did they add comments

welp might as well leave my comment here for history sake or whatever

how does it feel being top of all time man

huh I kinda like this, dont know why

Not complaining it's the top post, it looks tasty after all

Iโ€™m always so excited to see this at the top <3

bruh i've made things cooler that this i think but i don't have more that 13 like on any of them rn XD

62 more likes and he hits 10k likes

I wonder if this will hit 1k likes in the next month.

Alright I've been thinking: when life gives you strawberries, don't make strawberryade. Make life take the strawberries back! Get mad! I don't want you d*** strawberries! What am I supposed to do with these?! Demand to see life's manager. Make life rue the day it thought that it could give Cave Johnson strawberries! Do you know who I am?! I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the strawberries! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible strawberry that burns your house down! -Cave Johnson, Portal 2. (I replaced every time he said lemon with strawberry)



This can be resolved promptly.

omg how tf u get so many likes

Some of these creations are too good.

heavy: what was noise? Medic: the sound of progress my friend.

Someone should post this on social media. so close to 10,000 likes! (My book will be released on instagram soon. READ IT.)

you should do an orange next

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