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Living High
Living High
4 months ago

Living High

Created 4 months ago · 19 comments· 914 likes

CoherentShortMedium Res8.9x

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"Colorful psychedelic kaleidoscope multicolored iridescent LSD DMT hallucinations holographic fantasy astral projection chromatic cosmic ethereal space rainbow nebula galaxy opalescent polychromatic divine being by Pablo Amaringo watercolor"

Weight: 0.4

"blurry, undeveloped, too sharp, oversharpened, too dark, underexposed, faces, people, person, man, skin, hair, eyes, figure, human, face, person, people, woman, scratches, paint flecks, noisy, dirty, unclear, watermark, text, bokeh, blur"

Weight: -1

"film noir, neon, beautiful, deep colors, bright, great, colourful by Zdzisław Beksiński and Dan Mumford"

Weight: 0.3

"detailed 8k resolution deviantart trending on Artstation concept art digital illustration Unreal Engine complex parallax Octane Render expressionism"

Weight: 0.9

"A beautifully strange painting of a portal in New York City by Benoit B. Mandelbrot, Steven Belledin, Martin Johnson Heade, Lee Madgwick, Caspar David Friedrich, and Dan Mumford"

Weight: 0.9

"a beautifully and highly detailed painting of a planetwide extraterrestrial city, by Caspar David Friedrich, Martin Johnson Heade and Lee Madgwick"

Weight: 1

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Anonymous User

Wow! A utopian society. Next level man

4 monthsReply

Woah..simple beautiful

Longing for a place I've never been!

Teach me your ways!!😭



WoW! How do you manage to get these super detailed images? Looking at your prompts, Is that the key?

I wanna live in that tennis ball!

This is absolutely amazing. This is beautiful. <3

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