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Untitled Creation
Untitled Creation
3 months ago

Untitled Creation

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SDXL 1.02x


Daily Challenge #425:Holographic Art

Thank you all for your great comments, likes and follows, I really appreciate them, prompt is open, credit would be appreciate

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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SO stunning!! CONGRATS!!!!!!! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

3 monthsReply

Thank you!


Congrats Matthew!!

thanksssssss, Frances

Congratulations! Well-deserved! πŸ‘

late reply, but thanks StarlaBlaise

So amazing, @Matt12, so happy for you, hologram so difficult!

thanks, so true @MagdaleneChan, such a credit burning theme

buy you conquered it! so magnificent!! @Matt12

Congrats! Well done!

thanks, Tracie

Beautiful! Congratulations

thanks, Shelly

Congrats! Well done.πŸŽ‰

yay, thanks, forge4ward1

Congratulations πŸ‘πŸΎ

Beautiful, congrats

thanks 🍾🍾

Amazing work! Congratulations!

Such a beautiful creation, @Matt12. Congratulations on making runner up in the Holographic Art challenge.

fabulous - congratulations πŸ₯° a former fashion designer I approve this. Amazing!

thanks, CandyandCrystals and wow, my pleasure

β™₯ so beautiful! Congratulations!

congrats! this is so stunning

congrats! well-desevered

yay, thanks owlll

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Lovely! Congratulations

CONGRATS! That is well deserved!

congrats!! glad you made it

thanks, gratz to you too

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Beautiful . Call it Cinderella Fairy mother transformation makeup sequence

Stunning design, Matthew! Congrats on the Daily Runner-up! πŸŽ‰ πŸ’™

Fabulous!! Amazing work!! Congrats!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ’›πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

Fantastic congratulations 🎊

Thank you 😊

Congrats! Super cool!

Thank you 😊

Thank you 😊

Sometimes a nager dress can be created only by water (advertisement for the Karlovy Vary Film Festival), sometimes it can be created only by light...

thanks for the input

Absolutely stunning creation, congrats πŸ‘

Thank you 😊

Thank you 😊

Really awesome, congrats!

Thank you 😊

Thank you 😊

fabulous and congrats on your awesome placement

Thank you 😊

Thank you 😊

Congrats!πŸŽ‰ So well-deserved. A fabulous hologram!

Thank you 😊

Amazing work! Following

Thank you 😊

Thank you 😊

Very unique creation

Thank you 😊

Wonderful! Well done and congratulations!

Better than the first... congrats

thank you for your nice comment

WOW! Beautiful image and congratulations on runner up!! πŸ₯³πŸ˜Š

Thank you, Mel

Congrats! following

Thank you 😊

Most excellent creation and congrats!

Thank you 😊

Pretty congratulations πŸ’–

Thank you 😊

W⚑ nailed it Matthew..holograms were really tough ..but you certainly proved otherwise..a sitting and standing ovation ..I would love you to come over and look at mine..and who knows you may proffer some of your holographic wisdom..and know how..β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈπŸ™

You did it!! Great hologram! Congratulations!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ¨

Cheer πŸŽ‰

Thanks for your compliment

Replying to: Matthew Thank you

I was surprised how well mine did

Replying to: Lady Amelia of the night circus I was surprised how well mine...

Yours looks so cool,and congrats to you on making top 5%, cheer

Wow magnificent splendid appearance, congratulations:-)

Thanks 😊

Replying to: Matthew Thanks 😊

You're very welcome, excellent:-)

Good one! Congratulations

Well done! Congrats!

thanks, congrats to you too

Your prompt is straight from midjourney and the fact that you haven't deleted the ar 3:2 and the style raw means it's not your prompt,but someone else's...

First, I do use midjourney, so do know what it is. Second, AR 3:2 and Style Raw don't have copyright; putting them in does not mean I copy another prompt. People here in DC even use artists' names and styles to create the style, or they repeat forms like 'winning concept' or 'art station.' Third, NC doesn't follow your prompt well, especially with some styles, e.g., Hologram, Animal Balloon,... Since it doesn't know what hologram is, I have to make it misunderstand with a similar type of art. That's my strategy; there is no reason I have to delete that where I intend to put them in. Point them out if you think it's strange copy or the prompt belong to someelse. By the way, if you noticed, I did put 'ballerina' in both negative and positive prompts to trigger it."

I am not spending hours to make NC follow my prompt and being told 'someone else's' by the one who I wonder if he even tried to make a hologram creation in NC

Replying to: Alweo Sackvill Haters gonna hate, your so goo...

thanks, Alweo Sackvill, he thought I copied and left the prompt open? hmm

Replying to: Matthew Evidence? Lol, you're jealous

Haters gonna hate, your so good @Matt12, this challenge was so difficult, he can't even believe you nailed it

Thank you for your comment. By the way, how do you define 'someone's prompt'?

Too many replies, you copy it from midjourney and belongs to another user

Replying to: Thiramon Too many replies, you copy it...

Evidence? Lol, you're jealous

Replying to: Matthew Evidence? Lol, you're jealous

The evidence are in the prompt. It's too long and NC says that anything written in the end will not be generated. Then you forgot to delete (--ar 2:3) which is unnecessary cause there are individual settings for ratio. And that style raw works only with midjourney. The answer in your reply should be "I m using in midjourney and I copy my prompt from there to test it in NC". Instead you wrote a lot of unnecessary replies out of guilt. And jealous of what? Have tried the same prompt at either midjourney or dalle-e to see the result? 10 times better. But you didn't cause there are no likes there and you are can't seen. Tip you can't even here, none knows you, none will credit you for something you never first think to do, 🫳🎀

Replying to: Thiramon The evidence are in the prompt...

hilarious, did look at my profile pic, that is what you asking for, and yes it is fully my prompt, I always put all things in my prompt to trigger the AI because it doesn't flow simple words, I did a test bunch of words and added only more one "," can change the result, the 2 and 3 does matter. And because the NC doesn't understand what hologram is, If it does I didn't have to do tried so many unnecessary words, like ghost, blueprint, transparent,.. NC really hard to make face into hologram whereas delle and midjourney all I need is: "hologram of the ballerina with large gown" , go check some damn difficult challenge and see what I put in my prompt a bunch of unnecessary words even artist doesn't exit. Again all your words are just an assumption without evidence. I acted like that because that's my time, my credits, my prompt,

Replying to: Thiramon The evidence are in the prompt...

and you were wrong at least 5 people who used my prompt

Replying to: Thiramon The evidence are in the prompt...

the prompt is long because NC doesn't understand what hologram is, really try something similar and you will understand

Replying to: Matthew

tell me if you said I should have said "I copy from my midjourney", it's a big no because the prompt was for NC challenge what "maximalist transparent", "3d shape like a blueprint ghost", "blueprint_holographic_design,..... "to display" means to midjurney and does midjourney need that long prompt to understand? or like you said the result much more better

Replying to: Thiramon The evidence are in the prompt...

@Thiramonas I did use his prompt the point here is the AI in NC does not follow the prompts well, try it yourself, it can turn out many unexpected results, especially with this challenge that is why we considered this a difficult challenge, if you did not even try this challenge then please just ask instead of assume everything like you know, be nice and learn!

Beautiful, congratulations πŸ₯°πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

thank you πŸ₯° Ria Hagane

well done - congrats

βœ¨οΈπŸ‘πŸ₯Ήβœ¨οΈ beautiful!

Congratulations! Well-deserved!

Awesome! Congrats! the winner to me

Well done and thanks for sharing the prompt. It tried it and some results were nice, but it’s a bit tricky to adjust the prompt and e.g. replace the ballerina.

can you share your creations I would love to see them, if you replace the ballerina with some other eg animal you may also need to remove the negative prompt because of the word "face", for the flurry animals you need to add "fur, feather" in the negative prompt too, and you may also need to add "glass" in the negative prompt to make it look more hologram, I suggest u place the part (3d shape like a blueprint {ghost ballerina}) on the very first of prompt in case the result keeps showing something like building"

I didnβ€˜t want to mess up the comments of your image with my image, but here is one that worked out well:

actually, when I removed the spaceship she becomes solid

oh, yeah if I remove the 'face' she will look like a robot, this AI really struggles with hologram tho, good luck to you

idk, not only this theme, I never success on changing the background, many of my creation s have a plank background

I to change and got this not perfect tho

Here I only replaced β€žballerinaβ€œ in both prompts with β€žAna de Armasβ€œ and then the body appears more solid and less refined and the spaceship from the prompt shows up:

Here I tried to exchange the background with a street. Again the body seems more solid and exchanging the background didnβ€˜t work as intended:

dw, mine is already a mess, well maybe because of the seed, From what I have tried, the ' low Refiner Weight' can make the ballerina look more hologram_ish but it also makes the image fewer details, with the human you can try other seeds, or a stronger negative prompt like 'hair', 'mask' and -0.9 noise, or instead of replace ballerina with humanoid, i found it works best with animals. Btw still need a good seed too

here when i tried β€žAna de Armas

I used random seeds. Thatβ€˜s always a bit of gambling. I’m also trying to exchange the background. It seems you added all kinds of descriptions in order to make it look like a hologram. Only the spaceship, which isnβ€˜t shown in your image, and the tech laboratory background are not related to the ballerina or the holographic style, right? If I remove both I still get some sort of techy structure like in my 3rd image.

Ah, I see. With your initial seed. Looks nice and like a hologram. Just the face disappeared πŸ™‚

Hmm, weird. It seems spaceships are required for holograms. πŸ™‚ I just noticed that I used +0.7 instead of -0.7 for the second prompt. When using -0.7 and prompt and seed from my first one, it looks more holographic

wow, dang, that's cool better than mine really, and yeah this AI is really weird that why we have to try all the way cause we don't know what it will come out

Yes, trying to get the subject AND the background you want is sometimes too much for this tool.

This one is nice, I think.

Yes, the AI’s results are not predictable which makes it a bit frustrating at times. Thanks for your tips though.

off now, keep trying if you are still interested, I only made this prompt for the challenge so I don't know how well or not with other types of subjects, i prefer plash paint art which I never public lol

Iβ€˜m also off now. I usually donβ€˜t care about the daily challenges, but I failed in making a hologram before. That why I was interested in this one. Here my variation with a city in the background

Well deserved spot congratulations

Thank you 😊