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The Big Apple
The Big Apple
a year ago

The Big Apple

Created a year ago Β· 223 commentsΒ· 0 likesΒ·πŸͺ™πŸ’° 6

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Daily Challenge #127:New York City

For anybody interested in how I evolved this piece

Please credit me or keep your prompts open when you use my prompts, thank you! πŸ™

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To me, this would be the winner. Great execution and concept

a yearReply

That's very kind, thank you!

Nice! Much harder to pull off than the top three <3

But I saw I wasn't the only one who had the idea. BTW if you are interested in how I made this :)


Thank you so much!

So close! Deserved just a bit more :)

Aww thanks Suola! Very happy this one did so well :)

Congratulations GazelliπŸ₯³πŸ₯³ love this one 🍎 πŸŽπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

Aww thank you dearest Ny! 🍎

I would have preferred that this one win over the 1rst since yours is actually something that is beautiful and original that does not replicate boring reality. I still do not understand why things like this challenge's 1rst place win when there is work like yours and when we are using AI art, a tool that can be used to bring our imagination to life and not just replicate boring reality that we see through photographs or everyday life. When I vote for things, I only give 2 and higher to those who create a beautiful image that does not replicate boring reality and is an original idea or has an original take on an existing idea, like a new Gundam robot design. If it is something that can exist in boring reality or is has an ugly design as its base I give it a 1. 1rst 2nd and 3rd in this challenge receive a 1 from me but your work gets a 5 from me.

That's very kind of you David. At the end of the day, a lot of factors affect the results of the daily challenges. Only a small fraction of all voters get to see your entry and give it a score, so it is quite random at the end of the day. A high result like this just tells me that most people that saw my entry, must have liked it, so that already makes me happy. Winning/getting a badge is more like the cherry on top ;)


Unless you vote for all of them which I do by taking two seconds to vote for each of them and then mentally counting about 100 of them and putting a timer of 50 seconds and spreading it throughout my day. For this entry It took me about 2 hours and 45 minutes though granted I do not expect everyone here to have that amount of free time at hand and even if so would not expect they would want to spend it all voting but they can put a major dent by doing more than the bare 20, such as spending 10 minutes, in which you can vote for 300 entries, 2 seconds per entry which I timed myself on and is realistic.

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Congrats my friend ❀️

Thanks my dear Riss!

Thank you :)

Thank you Austin!

Congrats! This is amazing. Should have been higher

Thanks Tracie! It's been a while since I've been in the Top 10 alone in the Top 5, so I am very happy!

Thank you!

Thank you Rochelle!

This is cool I also followed you would you please like my Mystic Cavern of Tranquility

Thank you, appreciate it!

Congrats on this amazing piece!

Haha thanks again!

Thank you Yari :)

Congratulations! ☺️

Thank you Mel :) 🍎

So gorgeous! Oh my. Well deserved l!

Thanks LA! 🍎🍎

And you almost won this!

It was very close, 2nd/3rd/4th all had the same score lol

Congrats!! Brilliant!!

Thank you :)

Thank you so much!

Fabulous Gazelli, amazing idea and fantastic execution!! This is what ART is all about! <3

Aww thank you Feliona, that is super kind! 🍎

Great idea!! ❀️

Thank you Cushla :)

Thank you Shelly!

Thank you!



Brilliant 🀩 congratulations!!!

Thank you!

Thanks Lucas :) 🍎

Thanks bestie 🍎

Thank you!

Thank you!

congratulations, well done!

Thank you Kept :)

Love it, congratulations!

Appreciate it, thank you!

Congratulations, Gazelli!! I’m glad you chose this, it’s stunning! πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

Thanks for helping me choose Ria :)

My privilege πŸ₯ΉπŸ™πŸ»β€¦ beautiful creation! ❀️

Thank you!

Wow that's really unique

There were a few similar ones, I am not as unique as I would have liked to be haha

I was thinking of doing that lol

Oh what did you end up doing?

The creativity is great

Thanks Em!

omg Gaz congratsssss β™₯️🍎

Aww thanks Boss 🍎🍎🍎

Thank you!

Appreciate it manda :)

Thank you!

Thank you :)

This is my winner for sure!

I am glad so many people seem to like it :) 🍎🍎

Nice apple lol good stuff

Thank you so much!

Thanks Suzie!


So beautifully done! Huge congratulations, Gazi! πŸŽπŸ—½β™₯️

Thanks lovely Wren!

Thank you friend!

Thank you Dorian :)

Gorgeous perspective and nice combination of two things NYC. Congrats on a very well-deserved NYC!

Thanks so much!

this is not well deserved since this art piece should have won.

Replying to: GeierAins this is not well deserved sinc...

I appreciate your support but the voters are the ones who decide that. A lot of my entries don't tend to do well nowadays, so I am happy that this one did so well :)

Gazelli Strikes Again πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Haha thanks friend 🍎🍎



Thank you! 🍎🍎

Thank you!

Nice one, Zelli!

Thanks so much :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Thank you Cynthia!

Congratulations so beautiful reflection!

Thank you Christine!

This is incredible 🀩 should've been the winner

Appreciate it, thanks ;)

Thank you Angel!

Thank you!

Thank you Drak :)

Congratulations, good idea, very nice result

Thank you TLC!

Great concept and its beautiful!

Thank you MikThor :)

This is beautiful, it should've won

Appreciate that you like it Michel!

Thank you Callisto!

So cloooose !!!! Beautiful, it deserved first place !

Aww thanks Lapi! Just so happy I did well, it's been a while lol

Wonderful work

Thank you JHR!

this should have won!!! (especially when i look at the third place haha)

Appreciate it. I am just a little sad I missed the 3rd place badge by so little, but there is always the next challenge I guess ;)

Thank you :)

Epic Big🍎 concept!

Thank you so much 🍎

Well done, I tried that but without success! :D

Thank you Alexandra!

This should have been the winner

Appreciate that you like it :)

Exceptional artwork. Congratulations.

Thanks Alex!


Aww thanks Bryan :)

Replying to: Gazelli Aww thanks Bryan :)

The challenges are so unpredictable, I am ecstatic it placed as high as it did :)

Very cool concept and execution

Thank you Zia!

Love it, so creative!

Thank you so much :)

Now, that's truly amazing! ❀

Thank you Hirai!

Thank you! πŸ’›

Beautiful, this should've been the winner in my opinion 😊

Appreciate it, thank you so much :)

Thank you Saniel!

Thank you :) πŸ’›πŸ’›

A masterpiece πŸ’–

Awwwwwww thank you πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Excellent ❀️

Thank you my dear! πŸ’›

Thank you :) ❀️

Thanks! ❀️