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🎥 the spine of the world II
🎥 the spine of the world II
a year ago

🎥 the spine of the world II

Created a year ago · 5 comments· 438 likes


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"the spine of the world"

Weight: 1

"the dragon reborn"

Weight: 1

"trending on Artstation Sketchfab pixel art 8K 3D volumetric lighting"

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"Zdzisław Beksiński PAUL GUSTAVE DORÉ"

Weight: 0.7

"wheel of time"

Weight: 1

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🎥 the spine of the world II

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7s duration, 9 fps, 20 iterations per frame

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Zoom: -100%, Rotate: 0%, Pan X: 0%, Pan Y: 20%


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Anonymous User

You cannot escape so easily, Dragon. It is not done between us. It will not be done until the end of time.

5 monthsReply

🐲 I'm about halfway through Crown of Swords atm

About to start my third attempt to go through the whole thing. Decided to restart it with my fiancée before watching the Amazon prime series. We just finished eye of the world a few days ago. I've only ever gotten as far as the Dragon Reborn.

Replying to: Fangsway About to start my third attemp...

Godspeed, I started when I heard the show was being made, and am bound determined to get through it to read more Sanderson at the end. I've heard 7-10 is a slog, really enjoyed 3-6.

Replying to: sardistic Godspeed, I started when I hea...

Oddly I've heard that 1-4 is a slog, and the rest a cakewalk. Which is funny cause I think the first book is freaking fantastic. I've read it alone 4 times. I'm using the audiobooks now. Which somehow makes it easier for me to track who's doing what where, as well as just keeping things interesting through the use of two different narrators, swapping depending on who the focus of the chapter is.

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