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In memory of Zena and Zoey ❤
In memory of Zena and Zoey ❤
2 months ago

In memory of Zena and Zoey ❤

Created 3 months ago · 24 comments· 0 likes

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2 monthsReply

Thank you!

Thank you! These girls were where I volunteered for 8 years! They were so sweet!

Replying to: RPGCatLover Thank you! These girls were wh...

that must have been such a wonderful experience great image to their memory

Replying to: RPGCatLover Thank you! These girls were wh...

oh, what a great experience!!!my dream!

Replying to: Lemon Zest that must have been such a won...

❤ The real pic was the starting image.🥰

I uploaded a couple of actual pics if you want to see. I also have the creations I made beside them where I tried to recreate.

Aww they're beautiful

Yes they are! And they ere very sweet and affectionate with a mighty purr!

So beautiful 🩷🩷🩷🩷

They thank you! ❤

Thank you! They were very sweet girls!

abdolutely sweet fluffs!

I loved them very much! They were where I volunteered for 8 years.

Sweethearts 💜

They were very much in every sense of the word!

Very cool how it transforms from a photo to art. Lovely pair, we have them around here!

I wish we had them in the wild. It was popular 15-25 years ago for people to have them as pets. So they were common in sanctuaries that took them when people failed as owners. There were a total of 4 cougars out of the 27 exotic cats I got to know. (And, no, none of them were jaguars! There were two black leopards)

There are still some out there. It grew to be more smaller cats like bobcats. When I retired from there in 2018 there were 6 bobcats and 2 servals. I do know of a breeder and a few responsible owners. But too many get them thinking they will just be another "cat". Or their life changes in some way that they can't take care of them anymore. The problem with places that breed to have cubs around for petting is having to make room for them. So many of them get sold. Those places (like Tiger King and others) are getting shut down. Where I volunteered didn't breed. Nowadays she gets more reptiles and birds given up.

Replying to: RPGCatLover I wish we had them in the wild...

That is sad that folks figured it was OK to keep wild animals. Glad it's not so much a thing anymore...or is it???

Beautiful 😻😻

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