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This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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"Toonland cartoon world of legos and toys trending on Artstation Dasgupta psychedelic detailed painting"


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Anonymous User

so many things! :)

a yearReply

cheers mate


Incredibly fun and playful. I remember this

Oh wow this is the most likes I鈥檝e ever seen! Any tips? I鈥檝e been doing this for awhile but would love to get a little more traction. I love the community and I鈥檓 on here all throughout the day but I鈥檓 not sure how to make my stuff better. Any critique is welcome 馃挋


Thank you. I'm not sure I can give tips for getting lots of likes today. This was over a year ago and things were quite different back then. I'm not as big on NC now. My best advice though is to not just copy and paste prompts from others, but research unique and common modifiers and try to make a different prompt with each creation (rather than using templates/re-using the same prompt) and you'll be able to learn how to use compatible modifier combinations and avoid certain bad combo.

I appreciate that. Yeah I鈥檝e been on over a year and the algorithm was quite different. I spent a lot of time back then just trying to figure out how to make a figure look somewhat normal. I try prompts and then figure out what specifically made whatever effect I liked. I also try to talk to creators and bounce around ideas. Today I learned bon voyage is better for anime than the anime preset lol thanks for the response. I always truly value input.

Replying to: PistolKitten I appreciate that. Yeah I鈥檝e...

I don't do people portraits at all so we probably have opposite focuses, not much help I can offer with those. But one of my favorite things is researching fictional characters from popular fandoms and using character names as modifiers, if they have a certain look I'm going for.

That鈥檚 a great idea! Thank you again for the kindness

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I just saw the tip! TYSM! You didn鈥檛 have to do that but you made my day! Even though we have different things we make, I really like your gallery and your creativity. I make a lot from evolving my actual artwork so drawing portraits is what I am decent at. Some of the things you make I can especially appreciate just because I鈥檓 not very good at making them. For example, your dinosaurs, your cat series, some of the abstract stuff鈥 it 馃檪

Replying to: PistolKitten I just saw the tip! TYSM!...

I'm also a hybrid ai artist/traditional artist. I have the most fun creating from my painting start images, most of them are abstracts or colorscapes. Eventually I'll branch out and try painting some portraits too and see how that works on here.

I look forward to seeing them! Have you worked with other ais? Also, thank you again. I will spend all the credits lol I鈥檓 way behind on posting and have a hundred I haven鈥檛 made public yet. I only post one at a time with a bit between so I don鈥檛 clog up the explore feed from other creators. Probably just me but I鈥檓 so behind! I create a lot. Lol

Also why do you have a whole collection of modifiers? It鈥檚 super cool! I constantly create and have been on here for a hot minute but I鈥檓 a tiny fraction of how many you鈥檝e made

Replying to: PistolKitten Also why do you have a whole c...

Do you mean the link in my profile to the ai thesaurus? It started as a personal project, I wanted to see how the ai interpreted ordinary and obscure words so I know which ones to use in any given theme that I want to make. Decided to make it public when it got so big.

And not really, mostly just use NC.

I understand that but out of curiosity how did you organize it? And how long have you been creating? Do you still contribute? I actually found it pretty helpful

Replying to: PistolKitten I understand that but out of c...

May not understand the question. Since it was created for myself at first I just created categories which would make the most sense for me. Then it started off with me bulk adding creations which looked vaguely similar in effect to the different collections.

After that I just corrected any mistakes by going through each modifier individually in each collection, and switching them to a different collection if I found an inconsistency. Did this multiple times. Tried my best to balance the word's definition and the actual visual effect.

Replying to: PistolKitten I understand that but out of c...

Also glad you found it helpful! It's helped me a lot too. It bugged me not knowing whether a certain word was recognized by the ai or not. Would rather know for sure than just assume.

Yes! I know NC made the list with the dead astronaut pic but I鈥檝e been trying to do the same sort of. If I see new prompts, I鈥檒l save them and then change one part at a time to see if it created a desired effect or not. Sometimes the individual word may have a different effect than a combination or variations can massively alter the effect. Especially I played with light. Sunbeam, ray of light, sunny, sunshine, glowing, backlit, bright鈥..whatever words I could think of to portray my ideas more specifically

Replying to: PistolKitten Yes! I know NC made the list...

I distrust other modifier comparison projects. They use subjects which makes results less accurate and more artistically influenced by the AI. Also there weren't many of them that focused on ordinary or random words, mostly just artistic modifiers.

But my project may be harder to understand than those others since I prefer the no start image, no subject approach. I usually recommend it to experienced ai artists only since the results are more abstract, and you've got to know how to apply those abstract effects to a prompt.

Also forgot to answer earlier, have been doing ai art since early october last year. And I'll still be tweaking the ai thesaurus over time, but the majority of the work is done and it's in a finished state.

Wow! We鈥檝e been doing this about the same time but you鈥檝e created way more than me! I admire that. I understand completely. I showed some of my friends ai art and they tried but were quickly frustrated. I think it takes and understanding of abstract to work with the artistic ai. 馃檪

Replying to: PistolKitten Wow! We鈥檝e been doing this a...

It wasn't easy starting off, but luckily I enjoyed the results of the fails in the early stages. I had no real focus for a while and eventually found the art styles that I prefer making the most later on.

If I may ask how did you get so many credits? Did you get badges or had to spend a lot? I鈥檝e spent a little but I can still burn through credits all day. I even used to write notes in my phone throughout the day when I鈥檇 think of something to make. Then when I got a chance to make it, my notes would just say like 鈥渇ox wing snowflake鈥 (that was an actual note lol)

Replying to: PistolKitten If I may ask how did you get s...

I have bought a LOT of credits. More than I should have relative to my income. I'm also a site moderator though, so I get 1-2 credits for each "moderator action" I do, which helps.

I also used to do notes like that. Like "city of pipes"

Oh! That makes sense. You鈥檙e on here as much as me lol I鈥檓 glad to know it鈥檚 not just me who did stuff like that.

Replying to: PistolKitten Oh! That makes sense. You鈥檙...

Thanks for the chat, I've been extremely sick but it helped distract me a bit.

Oh I鈥檓 so sorry. Hope it鈥檚 not serious. Do get better and drop me a message anytime 馃槉

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