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tdraw's master landscape prompt (no start image)
tdraw's master landscape prompt (no start image)
2 years ago

tdraw's master landscape prompt (no start image)

Created 2 years ago · 128 comments· 0 likes



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◾ No start image used

◾ This is the default prompt that was used to create all of the other 250 pieces in the Landscape Vista collection.

◾ Some of my favourites are available in a filtered collection here:

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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I love all of these! Great work—would love to see the prompts at some point!

2 yearsReply
Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Thanks Sal! Don't worry, I'll...

Prompts now open!

Thanks Sal! Don't worry, I'll be opening them up soon enough.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Prompts now open!


Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Prompts now open!

Thank you so much! Done us a solid! Absolutely beautiful, and also educational on how to use this thing! So much appreciates!

Absolutely would love love to see your prompts. Like, even a few hints....? (looking innocent and cute, plus virtual presents) 😇🙏🎁🌹🍒🍨

Replying to: Alyssarach On a related topic I'm attempt...

When I open it up you'll see that I'm not actually joking, and that there's a hidden important lesson there:

Repeating something can make it stronger, either in multiple prompts or within the same entry. But I don't just say it three times like I'm trying to summon beetlejuice, I'll put some variation on each in the hopes that the AI either understands one of the things that I'm trying to say, combined them all, or averages out to the desired result.

Sure I can give you a hint. One of the words is "landscape" 😂

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Sure I can give you a hint. On...

Funny. I'm in bloody stitches. 😐

Replying to: Alyssarach Funny. I'm in bloody stitches....

I'll give you another clue. One of the other words is... "Landscape"

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art I'll give you another clue. On...

🙄 "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Replying to: Alyssarach 🙄 "Power tends to corrupt and...

Okay okay, a different word then. Landscape.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Okay okay, a different word th...

On a related topic I'm attempting to get a fairly specific scene without a start image. It's not going well. Because, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. 😡

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art When I open it up you'll see t...

Hmm I've wondered that, as I've done that myself without being sure it was going to be helpful. I certainly often state things multiple ways. If you look at my most recent creation, that's the best I've been able to do to get close to the one I did two creations down which was quite obviously with a start image. It seems difficult to get what you want in the foreground AND what you want in the background. Frustrating. I tried stripping my prompts back to basics to see what was tripping it up but I'm still not sure. I also wanted to reduce my contrast but that continually failed utterly. Oh well.... I better sleep, it's suuuper late downunder.

Replying to: Alyssarach On a related topic I'm attempt...

Welcome to nightcafe! None of us do, and we're all running to keep up with Tdraw!

Replying to: Gravadlax Welcome to nightcafe! None of...

Well, I have been here busy creating for a few months now.... so a welcome is a little late lol! But he certainly makes some very pretty art which I just can't get close to approximating.

Replying to: Alyssarach Well, I have been here busy cr...

Prompts now open!

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Prompts now open!

Bwahahaha that's all?! Man I was over complicating it! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Replying to: Alyssarach Bwahahaha that's all?! Man I w...

It took a few thousand creations, but I wanted it to fit in a single box so it can be added as a template.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art It took a few thousand creatio...

Yes it's interesting how much you're not saying. I guess it's just the template, as you say. It must be able to come up with an incredible range of landscapes just from these two prompts. I'll try this on the landscape I was just attempting....

Replying to: Alyssarach Yes it's interesting how much...

Honestly you don't even NEED the negative one, all the magic comes from the first, but out of 250 landscapes there was only ONE that I needed to re-run. All the others are the first versions!

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Honestly you don't even NEED t...

The negative one is super similar to a negative one I already automatically run, so no bother. It's running now. Look at my most recent creation for MY attempt (complete with prompts) at no start image. Hehehehahaha.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Honestly you don't even NEED t...

First try of your prompts

Replying to: Alyssarach https://creator.nightcafe.stud...

Not bad! Try swapping the resolution and runtime so short run + medium (full) res

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Not bad! Try swapping the reso...

Replying to: Alyssarach https://creator.nightcafe.stud...

Amazing! I think trying it widescreen would help with the composition a bit, but it's already looking so good.

Replying to: Andre O 😂
Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Amazing! I think trying it wid...

If I may ask, how important would you say that it is to set the runtime on these prompts to medium, as it massively inflates the credit prices. (runtime not resolution, as I know from personal experience that medium resolution is miles better than thumb)

Good question, I'll run this again to check. Generally I've run loads of different variations, and I settled on medium res (maximum) and medium runtime (actual medium) with the accuracy boost off to get a decently high level of quality for 9 credits instead of the maximum 30.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Good question, I'll run this a...

Made a couple on different settings.

▪️ Short runtime:

▪️ (Medium is this one)

▪️ Long runtime:

▪️ Short runtime with accuracy boost:

▪️ Medium with accuracy boost:

▪️ Long runtime with accuracy boost:

While developing this I aimed to have it work best without the need for excessive runtime or accuracy boost. I think the 3 credit piece looks better than the one that costs 30.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Made a couple on different set...

Do you not use accuracy boost often? I use it constantly and drop the other settings to make it affordable. I might try some without.

Replying to: Alyssarach Do you not use accuracy boost...

It depends on the individual piece that I'm making each time.

For this landscape prompt I wanted it to be as cheap to run for people as possible, so it works well with just 3 credits - (Coherent, medium res, short runtime, no accuracy boost).

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art It depends on the individual p...

Oh wow actually I almost got a better result without accuracy. Hmmmmmmm.

Replying to: Alyssarach Oh wow actually I almost got a...

This prompt works best without accuracy boost in my opinion, but that's how I wanted it.

Most modifiers I've tested in artistic, coherent, and coherent with accuracy boost are rarely good in all three.

I've done (maybe) too much research and experimentation 😅

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art This prompt works best without...

You haven't actually show it to us yet tho right....?

Replying to: Alyssarach You haven't actually show it t...

That is correct. Totally trying to build hype by sharing the rest of them first 😅😅

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art That is correct. Totally tryin...

I'm plenty hyped.... 😤😤🪃🤦 (frustrated Aussie successfully throwing boomerang at someone's head)

If it helps ease your frustration I'll reply to whatever your most recent comment is on here when its open so you'll be notified straight away :)

Replying to: Alyssarach ❤️

Prompts now open!

Is this the master, oh master? 🙂

This is the basic prompt without any additional modifiers (no "Wetlands", "ominous", "cosmic", etc.) All the others in the set have another word of two added in.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art This is the basic prompt witho...

Will you tag me on the master or is it a secret?

This is the master, or at least, the prompt is a one that I've saved in my favourites to use everywhere.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art This is the master, or at leas...

Great I am doing mine without a startup image too. 🙂 Maybe Harley causes the apocalypse. 🙈🤣

Can't wait to see it :D

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Can't wait to see it :D

Prompts now open!

Awesome! Could I ask where you usually like your overall prompt weight to achieve results like this? Without a starter image?

Actually I just noticed it's at 1 for this image at least. Could I please ask what prompt you use to bring your landscapes into such sharp focus? I'm always struggling with the blurriness of AI art...

Replying to: Dibbleratti Actually I just noticed it's a...

I'll be revealing the whole thing soon, but until then remember that you can use negative weights on prompts to tell the AI things that you DON'T want it to include. Among other things, I've got a prompt set to -1 that includes words like "blur" so that the AI tries to steer away from it.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art I'll be revealing the whole th...

Thanks, your landscapes look like photographs...almost! Love them.

Replying to: Dibbleratti Thanks, your landscapes look l...

Prompts now open!

Tdraw, thanks so much for sharing your undoubtedly hard work with the community. I’ve don’t similar, but much smaller trials myself. Also without quite as strict a methodology. I’m super curious to look under the hood when you are ready for the big reveal.

It's coming! Working backwards through the alphabet I'm up to C, sharing some of the creations before I reveal the prompt.

Prompts now open!

Another big thumbs up for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge and experiment results with the community. Certainly helping give a kick start to those just starting out.

Thanks buddy, and you're welcome :) These kind of experiments are the main way I've learnt what works well. There's thousands of these on my account but a lot of the others were a single modifier and didn't really hold up as a finished piece on their own so didn't publish most of them.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Thanks buddy, and you're welco...

Experiments are great when they work, but if not, at the very least you discover another way that doesn't work!

Replying to: aicodeart Experiments are great when the...

Exactly! That's why when sharing these there are a lot that look almost identical (not very detailed, oversaturated, generally like green) that I would have considered failures but it'll help people know what doesn't have much of a positive effect in this kind of creation.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Exactly! That's why when shari...

Prompts now open!

Hey tdraw_ai_art, this is amazing... you have such an amazing collection and I really want to learn... I have just used a lot of credits, hoping my arts could be as good as yours... I will be glad to know the prompts too so I can experiment ...

They'll be opening up soon :) I've nearly shared half of the creations in the collection. I wanted to get a few of them published before it goes free.

Prompts are open now, buddy!

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Prompts are open now, buddy!

Thanks Buddy. Are you open to having a chat? Let me know where is the best place to reach you.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Thanks Scoobert!

Prompts now open!

I have previously tried to get a not overexposed, 'good' sky in 'Coherent' without a starting image. It's almost impossible. Today I made new attempts. Top down with a pile of different landscapes. Also the necessary prompts with negative values as filters. But, no it will not be good. If I use the same prompt and first use artistic (vqgan + clip) to get a first image and then use diffusion, coherent on it, it works great. The question is why this is so.

Replying to: the Anonymous AmUser https://creator.nightcafe.stud...

These are great though. Without seeing the prompts it's hard to know what to suggest changing. You could try adding one of [ "ominous", "mysterious", "stygian", "eldritch", "gloomy", "atmospheric", or "dramatic" ] followed "clouds" on a low weighted prompt, maybe 0.2 depending on how many others prompts you have. That'll usually bring the darkness of the clouds down a bit without turning the whole scene to night, or a scene out if a horror movie.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art These are great though. Witho...

Prompts now open!

Yo let us know when you open up the prompts! 🖤🖤🖤

Of course!

I've designed the main part to fit in one box, so it can easily be added as a preset style 😎😎😎

Prompts now open!

Great image,thanks for the prompts

The mountain are stunning

Thanks buddy! One of the alt versions of this prompt has Caspar David Friedrich in, which does even better mountain details, but makes it more painting-like that photo-like.

Thanks for opening these up! So cool to see the way the elements play together. Much simpler than I guessed, but with a few tweaks I didn’t expect!

You're welcome! It looks deceptively simple, but I tested about 40 landscape photographer names alone, without including the 60+ rendering software, or the landscape painters.

I really wanted to make it fit in one box so it could be used as a preset template, or to make it easy to add in to any existing piece.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art You're welcome! It looks decep...

Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that you just stumbled on a winning combo, I know how meticulous you are! As Mark Twain or someone said, “I didn't have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one instead.” Simplicity takes a lot of work, yes? 😎

Really good of you opening up the prompts, excited to start playing around with them! What effect does the -1 have on the prompts? I've not really used it before and don't know what it does!

It’s a “negative prompt” to ensure none of whatever is in the prompt gets in the main photo.

Prompts are open! :D Thank you tdraw_ai_art, I am going to see how this affects my photos in general. And I won't forget to credit ya' 🙃

I played with duplicating your magnificient creation using other start images or additional prompts. Thank you so much for keeping your prompts open and letting us do this. I linked to you in published creations and twitter.

Wow, you really found a magic formula with this one, I've experimented with a bunch of variations and additions and pretty much none of it was disappointing. I don't know if I should thank you or curse you for all the credits this will cost me >:D (I'll settle for both)

Messing around a little with this one in midjourney too... Very cool!

OMG thanks for sharing this with the community! Heckin' legend.

Nice, let me try your prompts😊👍

I failed at evolving this to how I imagined but it defined the mountains in the background much more. I published.


You are freakin' amazing!

Wow, I am amazed by your promt! I've got a lot to learn about how these promts work.

I love the nature and as much i try to make something beautiful i always fail somewhere, but this is perfection to me at least, especially the grass, that color palet of green, multiple shades of it, I love it and if that is not enough you have that mist that cover the mountain. So beautiful. Thank you for such beautiful work.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art 🖤

And thank you very much for tips, it help a lot.

Amazing and incredible !

I would like to relax in this landscape. Pitch a tent and relax

Omg this is so beautiful! If I could live here I would! Keep it up ^^!

Very beautiful and serene :-)

Oh my god this looks so good! How'd you do this?!

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"landscape vista photography by Carr Clifton & Galen Rowell, 16K resolution, Landscape veduta photo by Dustin Lefevre & tdraw, 8k resolution, detailed landscape painting by Ivan Shishkin, DeviantArt, Flickr, rendered in Enscape"


"blur, blurry, bokeh, dirty, eyes, face, figure, hair, human, man, noisy, oversharpened, paint flecks, people, person, scratches, skin, text, too dark, too sharp, unclear, underexposed, undeveloped, watermark, woman"





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