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2 months ago


Created 2 months ago · 58 comments· 1274 likes

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"“Fixer-Upper”, Intricate, wooden, mossy, Digital, Scenic, Hyperdetailed, Complex. Luis Royo, Seb, Deep Colors, foreboding greens, Bagshaw, Chevrier, Ferri, Kaluta, Victor Adame Minguez, Ruan Jia. Cinematic, WLOP, Homestead, fallen windows, fallen fences, A financier anthropomorphic weasel"

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Anonymous User


2 monthsReply

Fixer-upper, hilarious 😂



I want to explore this place! Very nice.

This some awesome art dude

It has great bones

2 monthsReply

I love the way the house just seems to talk to you. It's like it has its stories it wants to share. It manages to be dark and mysterious yet grand and magnificent. This is incredible!

I'm thinking we knock a few of these walls...

You sir are awesome!!! All of your artwork is SUPER COOL!!!

This is unbelievably cool! I would be a thrill to explore this place, structural integrity be damned 😂

*puts a bow on top* I fixed it


You’re hired !

Replying to: hamdried You’re hired !


Wow, that's both creepy and amazing

Hey! How did you get this picture of my house??

hagrid's imagination of hagrid's hut

We remove this wall and this wall and this wall 🤣

You sure have a wide range of styles here.

Looks like the perfect place for a Bog Witch. Feels like this could fit in one of my story ideas.

It's rather inviting for a fixer-upper.

thiss! scarry and wonderful at the same time to me.. love it

This is really cool!

that is so buthiful

I love it a lot of re 4 vibrd

This one turned out amazing!!! Congratulations!!

Spooky, and definitively cursed. I want live there.

This is outstanding!

Hey hamdried, love your work. And thank you for sharing your prompts. It helped me a lot when I wanted to make an abandoned tree house today. The result is here: /creation/4UYofJUibZhJKf1j1qQa

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