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Nature in the winter.
Nature in the winter.
9 months ago

Nature in the winter.

Created 9 months ago · 203 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰 6

SDXL 1.0

Daily Challenge #363:Winter Riverscape

I forgot to post to my profile after the Challenge, so just getting around to doing it now.

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Congrats! I love it!

9 monthsReply

Thank you ClueHawks!


Beautiful winter! ❤️ Congrats! Even the 5th leg fits the view. 😍

Replying to: TexasGato LOL I myself didn't even notic...

LOL I myself didn't even notice that until after I had submitted it. I think my other one I published is better. Thanks enofone.

Really? In what way?

Stunning.Thx you for evolve, i try

Thanks Jordanna!

Thank you The Crazy One!

Thanks so much Crazy Cane Corso Lady!

Thanks Jordanna!

lovely deer, congrats #1!!! well deserved. so happy for you!!

Replying to: TexasGato Crazy right!! Thanks so much!!...

i'm a painter too!

i'm sure it helps

except i haven't been doing well for weeks... maybe too artsy

Thanks so much Magdalene!!

Replying to: TexasGato Thanks so much Magdalene!!

day #8 when you entered it, you are amazing on your 1st week!!!!!

The fifth leg really bothered me too honestly, even if it were in a 10% reward selection…because with a mask the extra leg could be so easily eliminated but to get hundreds of votes despite such obvious mistake…how does this voting works…really ? The algorithm must be faulty somehow no offence.

Replying to: Magdalene day #8 when you entered it, yo...

Crazy right!! Thanks so much!! I am a painter so maybe that helps? LOL

Replying to: Magdalene i'm a painter too! i'm sure...

I am pretty new and still learning how to use this.. but it sure is fun. I have been prompting pretty simple things. Thanks again!!

Thanks NewAgerJul

Beautiful! Congrats!

Thanks so much!! Gnuhenge!

Wow! Never saw this one! Congrats!!

Thanks so much Stormie!

Thank you MothersHeart!

Thank you Dusty!

Nice work Congrats!!

Thanks a bunch x_Zky_x!

Félicitations ! Scène extrêmement belle, sérénité, et le silence règne !💞👏

Merci beaucoup Yumi!


Thank you Andromeda!

great job - congratulations 🥰 - following

Congratulations beautiful deers on frozen river👏🏻😻

Thanks KWriter!

Gorgeous!! Congratulations!!!🎉🎊 🥳👏👏🤗🥰

Congratulations. Its Beautiful 👌🏻👌🏻

Thank you mind!

Oh this is lovely, congrats.

Thank you Story!

Thanks Tiny Pearl Cat

Congratulations 👏👏 lovely work!

Thank you JaMint!

Thanks Midnight Tigress!


Awesome, congrats!

Very nice! Congrats!

Yes. Winter always means ice storms.

It does Uniseine, Thanks!

This was my top choice. Congratulations 🎉

Aww so sweet thank you Amellez!

Thanks Darshana!

Oh I should have tried that in my prompt..ugh

Beautiful congratulations 🎊

🎉🏆❤ Congratulations! ❤🏆🎉

Thanks Red Kittie Kat!

Beautiful and serene. Congratulations on your 1st place win!

Thanks so much Michael!


Thanks GospelGirl!

Thank you OneMich

Congratulations... ABSOLUTELY magnifique♥♥

This is really wonderful!

Congratulations! 🎉🥳😍👏🌟✨ following

Thanks for both!

Congratulations!! An amazing creation!!

Congratulations. Fantastic!

Congratulations! 👏👏🥳

Thanks so much!

Beautiful!! Congratulations 😍😍🥳🥳🥳

I saw this one, and gave it a 😍, So congratulations for your win!

Thanks so much Yin!

Congrats 🥰👏🏼👍🏼

Gorgeous! Congrats on your deserved victory!

Congrats this is epic!

Thanks so much!

nice 😎👍🏼💜💯🔥 frfr

Marvellous, a well deserved winner! ✨💯✨👏👏

👏👏👏👏👏👏 Following

That is pretty. Following

Thank you Hannah, for both!

Congrats!! Well done!

Congratulations beautiful work

Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations & following! ❤️

Thanks so much!

Beautiful congratulations

Very Nice!!! Liked and Following

Beautiful artwork, I follow

So beautiful.and peaceful... Congratulations TexasGato! ❣️⭐✨🥳🥳🥳

Thank you so much!!

C'est tellement magnifique! Félicitations 🥳

Thank you so very much!!

Very Nice Work