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LoRASDXL 1.0Β·Published 5 months ago Β·18K+ creationsΒ·12 comments
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Watercolor sketch style, versatile, portrait, landscape, simple prompt

Dataset creation: Trained on 128 HiRes (at least 1152x1536) images created local SD a1111 with ZavyChromaXL 1.0/2.1 model. Dataset overview + samples:

The model works with all kind of prompts and even simple prompts very well. With simple prompts, persons can have the tendency to "long neck", "stretched torso, arms, legs". To put these in negative prompt then is recommended. Works good with other models. Transfer your img to this style: reduce your prompt to only subj/background related. Then evolve with the LoRA applied from 0% noise upwards. Great results.

Usage guide

"long neck", "stretched ..." etc. -> neg. prompt

Suggested trigger words

1) watercolor2) ink and wash

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Thank you for sharing the goods, Sir!

Drinks are on me! 🍻

5 monthsReply

YouΒ΄re very welcome! It is so much more fun to share it and see the wonderful results than keeping it. Thank you very much Juju!! Cheers!!


Thank you very much CozyFawn!!πŸ€—β€‹πŸ™ I am very happy that you have fun with it and create great stuff. I love to see so many different ideas, themes and works out of it, I would never be able to create. It is soo value adding to share it!!

Stunning model, very easy to use, thank you very much for sharing it, for every comment I receive I try to point out which models is used, and this one should be very popular.

Thank you very much Darren!!πŸ€—β€‹πŸ™ YW, I am glad that you like it. Yes, it has become quite popular. Keep having fun with it!

Will do, sir, will do.

Thank you very much Steel Eyes!!πŸ€—β€‹πŸ™ I appreciate that!

Very very beautiful LoRA !!! Thank you!

Thank you very much Elba!!πŸ€—β€‹πŸ™ Very happy that you like it!!

Your Lora is great for watercolor art, thank you very much!

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