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Beautiful Visions
Beautiful Visions
Beautiful Visions
<lora:Beautiful Visions:1.0> Beautiful portrait of a fun-loving blonde woman
<lora:Beautiful Visions:1.0> Beautiful portrait of a black-haired goth woman dressed up in a fine cocktail dress going to the opera
<lora:Beautiful Visions:1.0> Beautiful portrait of a brunette dining in a fine restaurant in Vienna
<lora:Beautiful Visions:1.0> Beautiful portrait of myself
A portrait of a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes and wearing a dress and earrings of Byzantium colors
A stunning, fiery-haired courtesan with a captivating presence
<lora:Beautiful Visions:1.0> <lora:Mosaic Jewels:1.0> Pirates sailing on a multicolored, prism-like sea, with their ship casting vibrant rai...
<lora:Beautiful Visions:1.0> A breathtakingly alluring woman radiating elegance and sensuality
A portrait of a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes, dress and earrings of Byzantium

Beautiful Visions

LoRASDXL 1.0·Published 6 months ago ·97K+ creations·23 comments
🪙💰💸 35
Creates high quality oil paintings of beautiful visions

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Doesn't seem to matter if you use any trigger words

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<lora:Beautiful Visions:1.0> woman mode


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What kind of lora style is this? It looks great

6 monthsReply

It was trained on high resolution images created with the style of "high quality oil painting of..." Give it a try!

Like @PaulMeadows of this great Lora says try it @SeaBlaze, You wont for sure be glad you did! It´s such a great "tool" I just did a serie of portrait with it, and it works just perfect!

This is a really great Lora, one of my faves for now :)

Thank you so much! I’ve really enjoyed seeing the images you’ve created with it 😀

Replying to: Paul Meadows Thank you so much! I’ve really...

Still have quite a few that I did not post yet... really great LoRA :)

Thank you so much!!!

I love how well this Lora works together with others.

Thank you! Yes, I almost always use it together with others now, sometimes up to 4 or 5 at a time 😄

Nice modell 👍💙

I tried it on the world of Tolkien prompt and I got a beautiful result, but no hobbits.

I have an image that is NSFW? Do you mind me publishing?

Nope - go for it!

Replying to: Paul Meadows Nope - go for it!


Thank you! Take it for a spin 😄

Thank you so much!

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