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Creative Upscaler

Creative Upscaler

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A creative upscaler capable of 4k images.

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Really liking the results!

5 monthsReply

why does it cost 25 credits for one creation? That's craaaaaaazy.

It takes about 90 seconds on a top-of-the-range GPU. That's about 90x more than an SDXL creation!

Replying to: PiaMedea Digital Artist I've got plenty of credits the...

I have rendered about 10 CU creations now, sometimes it is better than the original sometimes not. Sometimes it fails and you'll get a refund, sometimes the algorithm notices it is too complex or not allowed content and it won't run (more than two faces for example). Just know when to stop and don't be afraid to jump in the water, we will learn how to swim eventually, if not you will receive daily free credits!

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It takes about 90 seconds on a...

I've got plenty of credits these days but I'm told the expense is a risk being that the outcome is highly unpredictable. So I'm hesitant to spend that many on one creation, it is really disheartening to be disappointed after spending that much, so hopefully you'll figure out how to get that time/cost down.

Replying to: PiaMedea Digital Artist thanks for the encouragement,...

Keep the prompt simple, only 1 face, and low creativity if you want a certain art style. Don't expect, just try failure is just learning, don't be afraid! πŸ˜ƒ

thanks for the encouragement, altho I doubt I will waste credits on it very often. I just did my first one and was utterly disappointed. I should have known not to use an image of me. I should have known the boring af trained algorithms would fck up my nose like they always do. Try as I might I can never get a person who looks like me. When I try to use the model I trained with photos of me, it almost always either makes me look extremely plain or haggard af. Oh well ya win some you lose some.

Replying to: NightCafe Studio It takes about 90 seconds on a...

could it be run on the home computer for free or 1 credit or something?

Failure costs 25 credits

what's the point of hiding Start Images for this mode??

I tried it on an image that was nearly perfect. It was mostly improved a lot, BUT one thigh and a kneecap were turned into a forearm and a hand...sigh.... I left the creativity(?) setting at the default 50%. I suppose I should have dropped it to zero.

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