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You could earn 100+ credits for every new creator you refer

Earn BIG by referring

Refer friends, family or followers and earn BIG

Share your unique referral link with friends, family or social media followers. Anyone who joins NightCafe through your link will be counted as a referral, and you'll earn credits as they progress through their NightCafe journey.

You earn credits whenever someone you referred does certain things on NightCafe for the first time, like complete their profile, join a challenge, or go PRO.

Earn BIG by referring

Earn 50 credits when they go PRO, and every time their subscription renews

If someone you referred goes PRO, you'll earn 50 credits. Then, every time their subscription renews, you'll earn the same amount again! If someone you referred goes PRO for a year, that's 600 credits for you. If you refer 5 people who go PRO for a year, that's 3000 free credits direct to your credit balance.

If they choose a quarterly or annual subscription, you'll get 50 credits for each month worth of subscription they buy. E.g. if they go PRO on a quarterly plan, you'll actually get 150 credits each time their subscription payment is successful.

The road to success

Prompt your referrals to continue their NightCafe journey

Once you've referred someone, they'll show up in your referral dashboard and you can see what things they've done that earned you credits, and what they've not yet done that could earn you even more.

Not only that, you can send them personalized messages direct to their NightCafe inbox, prompting them to do the things that will earn you credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when someone joins via my link?

When a new user signs up through your referral link (or if their first visit was to one of your creations, collections, challenges or chat rooms), you'll get a notification that they joined. They'll show up in your referral dashboard where you'll then be able to send them prompts to do things like complete their profile, join a challenge, etc - these are things that will help them get started on NightCafe, and will earn YOU credits.

Do credit packs count as "Going PRO"?

Yes, any time someone you referred buys a credit pack, you will get a 50 credit referral bonus.

What's the best way to get referrals?

The best way to get a few referrals is to encourage your friends and family to join up, and guide them through the process (making sure they follow your referral link to sign up).

If you want to get a LOT of referrals, you'll need to share your referral links in more public places where you have a following or can get lots of eyeballs on your posts that include a referral link. E.g. Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, etc.

What kinds of links can I share to get referrals?

On your referral dashboard you have the option to copy links to the NightCafe home page, today's challenge, or your profile. Anyone who joins NightCafe through these links will be counted as a referral.

You can also share a link to one of your creations, collections, chat rooms you are the owner of, or challenges using the built-in share buttons on those pages, and anyone who joins through those links will be coutned as a referral too.

How often can I prompt someone I referred from the dashboard?

To prevent spam, you can only send a prompt to someone you referred once every hour, and 10 times total. If they complete a task that earns you credits before the hour is up, that resets the limit and you can send another prompt immediately.

This limit is per referred user, so if you referred 10 people, you could prompt them one after the other without any restrictions.

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