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A bit too much? What with the crown and the flowers and the hair…
A bit too much? What with the crown and the flowers and the hair…
a year ago

A bit too much? What with the crown and the flowers and the hair…

Created a year ago · 196 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰 6


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Nah, not too much 🥰

a yearReply

😆Ty 🫶🏻


Excellent work 🫶

Thank you 🙏🏻🙂

Thank you 🫶🏻

Sometimes too much is juuuuuuust right. :)

😆That’s my motto!👌🏻

I like picking flowers.... but not sure i dare....😆

Or you can ask for 🌹She has some to spare🤣

Crown-flowered hair, not too much, I'd say needs a couple of jewels sticking out, maybe a Yolka Tree and a chicken on top for the full picture

😂I can just picture it👍🏻

What promos did you use this is gorgeous


🥲So lovely. Makes me deeply touched. 🫶🏻

The perfect amount of extra, extra is good I think because look at the likes!

1083 likes just wow, your such a good brainstormer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I experimented with AI and prompts for a while. It all takes time and practice. Likes are lovely, but I enjoy the process and the surprising outcomes.🙏🏻

yesus chris!!! this is gorgeous >:O

omg!! this is crazy good! wow...just wow

sa se tres bon! magnifique

❣️❣️❣️😍 in the field

She is 🎶 "goreouuuussssssss oh so gorgeouuuussssss as a magical beautttyyyy oh yeah, such a beautyyy" 🎶

Replying to: Ria Carrma Here we go! I was dying to hea...

Lol I have more…

Replying to: LA2688 Lol I have more…

Keep singing😊😊😊

Replying to: Ria Carrma Keep singing😊😊😊

🎶 "Keep on singing dun dun dun just keep singing ba bum ba bum keep singing for the birdies in the skyyyyyy, it’s about keep singing, ohh yeahhhh" 🎶

Replying to: Ria Carrma 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Excellent !

Or… Eggcelent? 😉🥚

Here we go! I was dying to hear the singing again 😊😊😊🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Replying to: Ria Carrma Keep singing😊😊😊

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Excellent !

Shes amazing to beautiful 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🌹🌹🌹

The skin tone and flowers are just so amazingly good

Thank you for all your kind comments and the generous tips.🙏🏻🙈

Beautiful gallery! Following

Thank you 😊🙏🏻

It is ✨PeRfEcT✨ Never to much flowers, the crown’s amazing and girl, give me that hair!! 💚💚💚

The more AI piles on her head, the less it provides lower down.🤷🏼‍♀️

Splendide !😍


Excellent piece. Absolutely love it 😀👍

Thank you 🙏🏻

gorgeous i think im in love😍

It must be a special occasion...

Fit for a grand ceremony👌🏻

Gorgeous!!!!!!! Never enough detail and flowers dare I say :D

Not enough! ❤️❤️❤️

Replying to: Ria Carrma 😁🙏🏻



Thank you 😄🙏🏻💕

Definitely not too much, she's perfect!

Thank you 🙏🏻🫶🏻🙂

i love the intensity of her gaze. Well done!

It is 😁and upscaled.

Thank you 🙏🏻

Replying to: Ria Carrma Very kind 🌹
Replying to: Ria Carrma Ty

amazing response time.

Replying to: Austin Michaud amazing response time.

even more impressive than the picture

Replying to: Austin Michaud amazing response time.

😂I am like Flash Lightning ⚡️

Is it just me or does it kinda look like spider gwen

Not sure who it is but the name sounds like fun.

Thank you- that’s what I prefer- fantasy with a huge dose of reality😄


Only just saw this. Going to check…

Replying to: Ria Carrma Only just saw this. Going to c...

Did and left you a comment.

Replying to: Ria Carrma 🙏🏻

you need to really share your secret because these are amazing😍🥰

Replying to: Ria Carrma Mwahaha!😆

I am serious

Replying to: Fairy_Warrior I am serious

That was my evil laughter as a prompt mastermind👻

Replying to: Ria Carrma That was my evil laughter as a...


Replying to: Fairy_Warrior oh...................😳

There is no secret. Modifiers, sampler, seed. Then upscale. That’s the recipe.

Replying to: Ria Carrma There is no secret. Modifiers,...

how do you hide the prompt?

Replying to: Fairy_Warrior how do you hide the prompt?

It’s in the settings. You can chose not to share it. Some are happy for it to be visible. I chose to hide it.🤷🏼‍♀️

Replying to: Ria Carrma It’s in the settings. You can...

oh ok thank you nice art

Thanks 🌹🙏🏻

Maybe a bit much with the flowers in her hair but otherwise she looks super great.

Thanks for your honest opinion 😊Much appreciated.👍🏻

This looks amazing

Thank you 🙏🏻😊🌹

🪙 1

The detail is so amazing! Really precise. I love the backlit background and the side lighting

Thank you for such a detailed feedback - very useful.🙏🏻

----- ✨maybe beond ✨beauty

Oh no, over the top beautiful

She's perfect, if you wanted to go further you could make the backing flowers more of a collar in the image.

True. But it works as an ostentatious crown as well.🙂

ok,ok is it just me or does it kinda maybe look like spidergwen/gwen stacy?

Not sure who it is, but maybe🤷🏼‍♀️

Replying to: Ria Carrma Merci🙏🏻

On peut voir une certaine maitrise,je suis admiratif

Vous êtes trop gentil. Merci!🌹

Wow! Do you evolve your images? I only started a few days ago so I haven't really worked out how to do that yet!

I do😁And then mess around with samplers, prompt wording and weight and seed value. The possibilities are endless!

Replying to: Ria Carrma I do😁And then mess around wit...

I feel very overwhelmed! I must experiment more!

Replying to: Enchanted Essays I feel very overwhelmed! I mus...

Take one step at a time😁🍀


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