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Stable Video Diffusion

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An image-to-video model by Stability AI.

Stable Video Diffusion (SVD) is an early-stage technology, and is a bit less reliable than image generation models. Sometimes the resulting animations can be amazing, but they can be disappointing at times too.

It may take a few attempts to get a good result. SVD has limited controls, all it does is turn an image into a video (it doesn't even take a prompt) however we've found that some types of images are more likely to return good results than others.

Supported Dimensions

  • 1024x576
  • 576x1024
  • 768x768

Inputs will be resized to match the nearest resolution.

Usage Guide

Here are our guidelines to get the most out of SVD.

  • Realistic images tend to work better than cartoon or artistic styles.
  • Faces, scenery and interiors tend to have a higher rate of good results.
  • If you can look at an image and easily imagine how it might look as an animation, it's more likely you'll get a good one. We've found that our own intuition is a good guide for what will work well.

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2 monthsReply

Wow! I love This, I Went Pro, but all my animation does is move back and forth stiff, how did you make the motion so realistic.

This is very cool. I've been lucky with the random nature of animation, but they've been very happy accidents.

I saw this one animate while i was voting!

Sucks you can’t use a credit based system for it

Here's an experiment that worked

I called it an Earthquake.

I haven't used it yet but based off what ive seen its pretty good! Sometimes It doesn't animate the whole picture or just moves to a different camera angle while keeping the image basically the same.


More misses than hit ...will not be using

It's a wonderful tool. Is it because or despite the total absence of control we have on it ?

C'est super ! Voici ce que j'ai publié :

really nice animations

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