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Totally Normal Drawings by a child
Totally Normal Drawings by a child
3 years ago

Totally Normal Drawings by a child

Created 3 years ago · 144 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸 10


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how did this get so many likes, just wondering.

2 yearsReply

Because it is a masterpiece.


Creepy always does well

Replying to: Grandpa Because it is a masterpiece.

it will give me nightmare

All the faces scare me

why did i draw like this when i was younger

this is truly an artistic masterpiece...🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

While this is fantastic artwork, I'd still probably be hiring an Catholic priest to perform an exorcism on my home if my kid drew this.

Wow!!! That is intense!

Just imagine entering your child's bedroom and finding this on a wall

i would like to make an image like this. how do you do it?

what prompt is this? and what style did you use? im sorry im just so obsessed-

This is really awesome! You are talented and have a great style! If you have time to browse my portfolio, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Again, awesome job!!! Totally following you!

it's giving the backrooms

This child needs an exorcist!

me parece una aberracion.14.174 all crazy


It's so cool how it could tell that you were being sarcastic

lmao. but that is kinda scary

i can sense your sarcasticness from my computer

i can sense your sarcasticness from my computer

Yeah it's normal drawings alright

i can sense your sarcasticness from my computer

the child is amazing at drawing normal drawings, how

i can sense your sarcasticness from my computer

i can sense your sarcasticness from my computer

The only picture in this whole website I actually got scared by. Also it’s 12am

No no no no no no no. No. Full stop.

actually pure gold

This is amazing work. The style is dynamic and exciting.

Sure, not the kind you see in therapy offices at all.

Normal child with normal mental problems

They were in the public school system...

Nothing to see here. Everything checks out.

Wow!!! Where do I start?! That’s awesome 👏🏻

MMMMMMMMM. creepy children drawings be like

I think that child had one too many edibles 💀


Totally normal ... Yeah ...

Stomach turning 😮😆

That also has a liminal space background.

Totally normal... suuuuuuuuure

This looks like the stuff I draw now.

looks like a backrooms image i love it


Me when I open my younger brother's notebook...

Creepy but its normal for kids

How did you get that done with our getting the issue with 'child' being a prohibited word . I can't copy the probs


probably put "messy drawing" or something

yes it is a normal drawing by a child. <3

Totaly cool artwork!

kinda weird not gonna lie

how come the top creations are just boring? like this is cool and all but I've seen a lot better art... maybe its just time

woah. the more you look, the more disturbing it gets

wow. just wow. it's impressive

That's kinda scary but cool art!!

Yeah… totally normal

Nice Creation!! Consider Joining my Challenge!

how did this get 13826 likes?

How are there 13k likes on this?


How did you get my kid's drawing

No nudity, no money, no fame, just pure chaos from AI! 😀

Question: Are these kids in psychiatric hospitals cause this type of shit ain't normal from kids

this is nightmare material… y so many likes???

reminds me of the Quiznos sponge monkeys for some reason...

Excuse me what is this?

I think it is a little weird but i like it!

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Totally Normal Drawings by a child

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