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Horrific Wasteland of the Full Moon
Horrific Wasteland of the Full Moon
4 months ago

Horrific Wasteland of the Full Moon

Created 4 months ago 139 comments 0 likes馃獧馃挵 5

SDXL 1.0

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Perfect, Dj!!!

4 monthsReply

Nice馃憦 If you feel like, please do join us

Cool image. Consider joining my challenge. I'm going to run a slightly different theme each week. i think you might like it.

Good job Anonymous User

Deep & Dark! Nice collorway

This is incredible


so devastated

yet so hauntingly beautiful

like #203

I follow back.

Love the bold/bright of the moon.

Beautiful. Two moons makes it Fantastical.

Gran trabajo realmente inspira a seguir creando

Superb! Well done....



Cool feel to it...nicely done!

Coool! Following!馃槑

If you like dark creations you should join us for a dark buddha !

OMG ! ce paysage est juste somptueux ! J'adore !

great, awesome 馃憤

great, awesome 馃憤

Very cool and eerie! Followed!

Very nice! Following!


So cool! Love the mood. Following

Lovely. I vison myself on a rough planet seeing Mars & Phobos.

谞专讗讛 诪专讙砖

Magnifique, incroyable image

Very scary scenery 馃槈 Where are the ghosts?

WOW! What an impressive art style and a nice composition in motifs and colors. How did you (resp. AI) do it?

imagem de Jesus ensinando os disc铆pulo

Yes! This is the kind of ART I absolutely look for and LOVE! Following emphatically!

wow amazing creation!!!

Beautiful and terrifying

tension between the moons and the dark earth

a moody surreal landscape. Nice.

So ? ... this wasteland if found near the moon ? ?

Gosh dang that鈥檚 a lot of likes

Eerie, reminds me of Courage the Cowardly Dog haha

I love the stark imagery in this picture.

Absolutely amazing. I'm following hope you follow back 馃


Kinda eerie, Kinda Creepy, but that moon wow...

Wonderfully atmospheric


Shouldna smoked that shit now I鈥檓 at courage house

But that shack though....AirBnB that shack. "Great views!"


the bright moon. beautiful

Excellent artwork! Keep up the good work :).

This is beautiful! :)鉂 like it! :)鉂ollowing you! :)

Dark. Good light, good composition.

Wow this is so beautiful 馃樆鉂わ笍馃寱

This is so.... dangerous 馃馃徑

I like that... I'll follow you.

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