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Until we meet again...
Until we meet again...
a month ago

Until we meet again...

Created a month ago · 25 comments· 0 likes

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Δεν παίζεσαι σήμερα! Μπράβο ρε Γιώργη... So much storytelling!

a monthReply

Το νόημα της παντοτινής αγάπης φίλε μου, που δυστυχώς φθείρει στις μέρες μας, μόνο στο nc μου έχουν ανοιχτεί αλλά 3 ατόμα με παιδιά που χωρίζουν την τελευταία εβδομάδα, τι να πω ρε φίλε....

Δεν με πειράζει τίποτα όσο το ότι δεν σέβονται την ψυχολογία των παιδιών που στην τελική δεν φταίνε σε τίποτα

Ξέρω βρε φίλε μου... πως γίναμε έτσι.. κι εγώ εδώ έχω φίλους που ταλαιπωρούνται...

Thank you, happy creations from tomorrow

So emotional💗 love this

I'm really glad my friend 😁😁😁


awesome one love her tats

Thank you dear, what love supposed to be....

Really happy you do, me too

Great Thought & amazing render👌👌👌💯💯💯. I hope she does not end up waking-up all her ex boyfriends 😉

I was thinking of long lasting love 💘

What a sweet and meaningful message behind this piece

Long lasting love dear, the best kind

Thank you very much 😊

I would be comforted if I could listen to good music down there! 😁 Super good picture and thought, dear George! ❤

Me too dear, I would also be comforted if found the one staying with till the end!!

Replying to: bagira64 You will find, sweet George, I...

Wish that for everyone 🙏

Replying to: Just another george Me too dear, I would also be c...

You will find, sweet George, I'm sure of that! ❤

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"Really elderly woman with tattoos wearing leather and playing electric guitar on a graveyard, whimsical, epic, dark cartoon, realistic."



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Dreamshaper XL Lightning

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