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Dreamshaper XL Lightning
Dreamshaper XL Lightning

Dreamshaper XL Lightning

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Dreamshaper XL, accelerated. High quality, fast and cheap.

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Cool, not what I expected, but, cool, kinda
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First time I comment on a model because I would definitely say that we got the model that actually understands our prompts and gives the best results in the first attempt, which definitely saves lot of credits. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.

3 monthsReply

Well said - I get the best results even with simple prompts (but very often I submit 'crazy' prompts, and Lightning does not let me down). The rendering is absolutely superb! I return to this model time and again when others fail.

I notice there are no prompt weights or refiner weights; what does the model assume for these values?

It's a bit different to other models. The prompt weight is actually lower than the standard 0% prompt weight would be. Refiner is not used.

🪙💰 5

For several days I have been experimenting with a broad range of prompt directions in order to discern the merits and flaws of Lighting. The Merits are piling up and the flaws are few and far between. With sucinct and specific directions Lightning produces what it is asked to without expressing a baked-in style of its own.

I am particularly impressed by what it does with faux-photography, a favorite GAI pursuit of mine. Currently I am discovering the wonderful manners in which it generates detailed fabric and other materials.

A very fine and appreciated tool to have up on the shelf while crafting! Thank you for making this available!

Some notes which may be helpful to others:

If seeking a high quality photographic look, begin at the top of your prompt with

[ professional photography, ]

Lightning responds exceptionally well to brief and clear directions; this is a direction that it knows what to do with.

If you are working to bring out the fine qualities of a particular fabric, precede the specific material with the words "intricately detailed", as in :

[ intricately detailed satin dress, ] or [ intricately detailed leather jacket, ]

Lightning performs wonders on most materials when specifically asked, so also try things like:

[ intrcately detailed ornate jewelry ] or [ intricately deatiled rusty metal armor, ]

Finaly, if you have a result which you especially like you can refine it further. Choose to Evolve the image. Then in 'More Settings' turn off 'use random seed.' & lastly change the Runtime from its default of 'Short' to 'Long'. This costs a full credit but the result will make you smile.

Wonderful tips, @Possibility! I am absolutely sure these tips will help out newbies and others that needs some guidance, generally or specifically re this CKPT. Very kind of you!

I can vouch for using the same seed when you find one that gives specific results! I have some really old ones I re-use as I can get a specific result that I can't obtain elsewhere🌞😊

Replying to: Seiteki Akumu Thanks

I am happy if these tips are of value to you.


Replying to: NorthernWinds Wonderful tips, @Possibility!...

same here - I am digging back into my old SD v1.4 and v1.5 results and run them again with Lightning - absolute great images. Many of my prompts have me as the artist in the modifiers, and Lightning returns some good results that resemble my analog style.

Replying to: Art of the Mystic same here - I am digging back...

That sounds awesome!👏🦋

Replying to: Seiteki Akumu Thank you

You are warmly welcome!

Love it leave it free

Love this model so much, gives results like as if used loras!!

Just like it says: "High quality, fast and cheap."

THIS MODEL IS GREAT! Probably the 2nd best one! (Not loras or pro models)

Dreamshaper is an amazing model, which (personally) comes first tied with Stable Core!

Love this one! Nice and cheap! Only problem is that it can't do watercolor, but that's okaym

Wow algorithm especially for evolving. Thanks for creating it.

It is so cool, just being PRO like DALL-E 3

I can see how it is different. I have used it a few times. Sometimes it is ok.

Love this model. I just started using it. I just wish i could get the hands right get a beautiful creation but the hands can let it down ...any ideas would be appreciated..👏👏

I'm curious about this quick and relatively efficient model. But there are really not many settings here. For example, what sampler method and how many sampling steps does it use? No option for uploading reference image too. Some times images are good but some times it has a big problem with multiple limbs, fingers, tails etc. no matter what your negative prompt is.

Dreamshaper XL Lightning did not give me the cat I had in the prompt for this image and this is not the first time this has happened. I wonder why it refuses to give me the cat I had in the prompt. Strange.

Something else I've noticed about this model is that when I do a prompt with flowers, it tends to give me a wallpaper pattern of flowers instead of a close-up of a few flowers.

Still, for the most part, it's a good model.

I use this model often, but in some cases, I have a problem - even if I wrote MAN and WOMAN, I get results with two women or men. Sometimes, 10 or 15 times in a row. I change the positions of those words, switch their places, and put them in () or ", but nothing. Any help on this, please?

Just one word—— nice

Question: if an image is generated by NightCafe using "create" and "text-to-image" using THIS model, are the images created free to be used elsewhere, or are they considered under copyright?

🤖 NightCafe

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