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film noir, view of the city skyline
film noir, view of the city skyline
3 years ago

film noir, view of the city skyline

Created 3 years ago · 153 comments· 0 likes·🪙 1


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I picture a smokey voice narrator... 'Gina, you can't stay here, crime is running rampant downtown, it's not safe'

Definitely creates a story in my mind....

2 yearsReply

I love it😂😂😂

dude, this is like a thousand-dollar mansion! dude, like... If somebody owned this house in real life... like, how much swag does he have, bruh!! But, like, in a good way.

Replying to: Gina ancjejjfjs


Interesting View.

Interesting View.

reminds me of rear window. this art deserves top place.


Very cool . Following

Sei la figlia del CEO di nightcafè?

WOW! What an impressive art style and a nice composition in motifs and colors. How did you (resp. AI) do it?

very good setting for a drama scene

Replying to: Sports4life13 Why are the all time ones not...

Because they were all made with coherent and artistic a long time ago when night are went viral and have had a long time to build up likes

Replying to: Sports4life13 Why are the all time ones not...

You are offending literally all top-all-timers

ya it like its out of a scary movie


nice render! :D makes me think of an old investigator film

i keep coming back to this, it might be my favorite

Love the resulting effect

Contrats on reaching top of all time!!!

Thank you!!😁

Ah yes the murder around every Corner typical for America 😑

Hey community can y'all help me get more likes on my Creations? I will follow and like all of your also! 😅I need credits ROFL but I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine 😽

alright itchy, I got you.

Replying to: Ethan nightcafe

Do you want to do that to?

Replying to: Ethan nightcafe Do you want to do that to?

I got you dragon buddy

Does that work? maybe they will come touch my things too.

Replying to: Cyrusc176 Don't know. Don't think it has...

there you go, I liked some of your things. But only because you guilted me into it... lol

Replying to: Cyrusc176 Yours are a little more sus th...

how do you mean... "Sus"?

I don't really like this tbh

I was here when this was first posted 😍 happy memories


No idea at all as to why this is the top pic?????

It’s from a very long time ago. Nightcafe has come along way since the early days. I was early too, and my top pic is awful

Yep. Like the other comments above, I posted this the night that nightcafe went viral. I’m honestly shocked it’s at top of all time, but 🤷🏻‍♀️

Haha makes sense! Good work :)

may i use this for a book cover?

may i use this for a book cover?

Top of all time! Dang. Congrats! I joined five days ago and I'm apparently a rookie sensation. Can you please like on my creations so that I can get more credits for more creations? It would help me a lot!

Amazing I was wondering if you could come check some of my stuff out?

Hello Gina! You probably won't see this comment, but I want you to know your art is great and it really inspires me! :P

Thank you!! That means a lot!😊


Your mom is top

Replying to: Gina Your mom is top

It's really good but I was expecting something different on the top. What other kinds of art do you do?

Replying to: Swordsmaster It's really good but I was exp...

Dude this piece was made a year ago and on the night that NightCafe went viral. This website has come a loooong way since then with their updates…

Ohh that makes sense I heard that's how the hand grenade got viral as well

Replying to: Swordsmaster Ohh that makes sense I heard t...

Also this website is really cool

Replying to: Swordsmaster Ohh that makes sense I heard t...

Fa sho if you scroll through the top of all time page, you’ll see the quality is definitely lower than the art that’s uploaded today!

makes you think doesn't it

HAhahaha no way


I think this is very pretty.

Do you have any tips for creators that are just starting out?

It's like Batman is looking out at Gotham City.

Very nice! Check out my page

Nice Creation!! Consider Joining my Challenge!

No words or worries 🙏🥰

Number Three Headband. Detailed, something you would hang at home. Film noir perfect settings

This is really awesome! You are talented and have a great style! If you have time to browse my portfolio, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Again, awesome job!!! Totally following you!

I love this! Pls check out my profile it would mean a lot to me!

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