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My owner is still out there somewhere, looking for me...
My owner is still out there somewhere, looking for me...
6 days ago

My owner is still out there somewhere, looking for me...

Created a month ago Β· 113 commentsΒ· 0 likes

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3rd place in Caturday #41, thanks so much for your votes!

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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Beautiful! Congratulations!

6 daysReply

I love it so much!! ❀



Wow beautiful!!


Congrats Sundollop, really beautiful creation!!

Very nice, congratulations!

Wonderfully sweet and thoughtful. Huge congrats!!

I hope today is the day that you are found. πŸ™‚

Ooh so very sweet and beautiful!!! πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ’›πŸŒΉπŸŒΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’–β€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ₯³

Awwww....heart strings were pulled.

A stunning image, well done.

Congratulations! It's stunning!


Beautiful and haunting ❀️ I followed you

An absolutely fascinating picture! 🌷🌻

Here comes another try


Also gorgeous, you actually got the double exposure inside the cat!

Replying to: Sundollop Also gorgeous, you actually go...

Summertime the AI is like a woman. She has his own will ...

Replying to: MrMaracuja Summertime the AI is like a wo...

Haha, true πŸ˜…

Thanks for the prompt. Here is my version

Beautiful, I'm so glad you like it!

Replying to: Sundollop Beautiful, I'm so glad you lik...

But my versions are not so good like yours...

Replying to: MrMaracuja But my versions are not so goo...

I think yours is beautiful! Believe in yourself β™₯️β™₯️

Wonderful piece. Congrats

So beautifully sad πŸ˜” Congratulations 🎊

Really wonderful, big congrats!

fΓ©licitations, magnifique

Congratulations, lovely πŸ–€


Gorgeous Double Exposure - Like my Cat - Congratulations ! πŸ’–

OMG this is so gorgeous! Following right away 😸

beautiful crΓ©ation PoupΓ©e

That's so beautiful. I love the colors and the idea.

I tried to evolve it. I had good results. If I publish it I'll @ you on it.

Beautiful and moving!

Beautiful!πŸ’• Congratulations!

Make me cry! 😒

Great work...Congratulations!

This is one of the best creations I've ever seen on NC. Brilliant, it touches the heart.

Congratulations πŸ₯³ Magnifique Breathtaking Masterpiece πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ Love it 😘

Great! Following 😁


Beautiful, congratulations!

Great artwork. Congratulations!

Congratulations. Beautiful. A Very good double exposure. Love it.

Beautiful double-exposure! Congratulations! πŸ–€πŸ€

Thank you for participating in another beautiful edition of the Weekly #Caturday Challenge -- we came so close to the record, with 848 entries one more beautiful than the other!

Congratulations to our winners Kay, JolieArtLover and SunDollop -- who occupied the podium, but also to everyone else for the very high quality of entries that made voting difficult.

See you soon (less than 24 hours!) to kick off a new #Caturday challenge!

For full details on the schedule, click on the image below.

Peace and Love,


So beautifully done. πŸ™‚

Beautiful! But the title makes me feel sad... 😿

Je suis un peu comme cela.

Oh wow, how did you made it?

Beautiful! 😍

Congratulations !

Masterpiece congratulation <3

Heartbreaking! Anyone who has ever lost a pet, even temporarily, knows the pain the human goes through but not the animal.

Awesome creation, congrats!

Cool image it does make me kind of sad though😭

whoa double exposure. Haven't seen that before. And a cat. so original.

Don't worry, I don't think it's original either πŸ˜‚ I never make cats, this was just for the caturday challenge

Excellent, super, wonderful work

Absolutely amazing!!!

Interesting... good job!

Congratulations.. that is incredible

Wonderful! πŸ’™

Simply Astonishing, Following 😌✨✌️

Good pictures of black cats always get a like from me as I have a beloved black cat myself. Your title gave me a pang reading it. I will never lose my girl as she's my shadow, always with me.

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