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Beautiful, high resolution images. No need for complex prompts.

Stable Core is StabilityAI's primary service for text-to-image generation.

Stable Image Core represents the best quality achievable at high speed. No prompt engineering is required! Try asking for a style, a scene, or a character, and see what you get.

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Unfortunately, my first attempts were very disappointing: 1. A simple prompt to a fairy, with which I had a great result in Dreamshaper XL Lightning, led to deformed limbs here (which rarely happened in Dreamshaper) and also to a less detailed environment. 2. I tried another prompt with two people holding hands twice: In both cases the hands were deformed. Elements of the prompt were ignored and the images didn't look very interesting. These things happen with other models too, but then it might be more economical to try images first and then upscale successful images instead of wasting 4 credits straight away.

2 monthsReply
  1. A third prompt at least produced a publishable result. However, I tried this with different models and other images looked better. 4. I am concerned that some recently published models have limited setting options for the user. It may well be that many users like it when the AI does the main work. My motivation for being with NC and not somewhere else is that I have more setting options here (start image, inpainting). I would therefore like to give constructive feedback that I would like to see future development move in the direction of retaining and further developing models with setting options. This is an added value that NC has over other platforms.

I'll second that. And it's very disappointing to see so many fantastic images and when I check the prompt (if it's open) It says "a cat". I would be terribly ashamed to publish that. A yet there are many that do. Like, look at my world class masterpiece "I" created! Come check out all my amazing 1 word prompt masterpieces! Makes me wonder how many hidden prompts are hidden because of just that.πŸ€” To much reliance on automation. I want to see creative artwork directed by humans!

Replying to: Astro_dude I'll second that. And it's ver...

Thank you very much for agreeing! Yes, I see it the same way. For me, art is always an expression of another person's soul. I want to see other people's ideas, thoughts and feelings condensed into a work of art in order to understand each other better. I also like beautiful pictures and find AI very exciting. But the first thought is more important to me personally. Therefore, I would like it if the AI is primarily a tool like a paintbrush, but the idea comes from a human who has experienced joy and suffering and wants to communicate something to me. And who has creative ideas to get something out of the AI that is not just part of the main training.

Could not agree more. Well said buddy.

You've got a good point there. SDXL lightning has a lower price, so less features is normal. Stable Core also just doesn't support start images. Stable Diffusion 3 will though, and there are separate models for editing images (basically, inpainting, outpainting) So, all these features are still here in new models. The problem is whether it's able to be implemented here in NC. It would be a shame if these functions were removed in order to make it more cost effective.

I agree with you, we would like more flexibility added to the setting options in all models, also believe like you that this model is too expensive to use and the results barely compare with the amount of detail that DreamShaper XL Lightning provides, and I also wish that DS XL lightning as well as this model would allow to do inpaint or progress a starting image. Like you, I also feel that my motivation drops when we find these roadblocks.

I'm glad that you agree with me and that I'm not alone in my opinion. This encourages me to pass this feedback on to the NC team. I think it's important that the team knows the interests of different users.

I do agree that art is an expression of the soul. However, I do understand that it's difficult to engineer a good prompt. A lot of time and energy is required into creating a good prompt, and not everyone has the time (and credits) to do so. However, I do notice that the models are gradually becoming "easier" to use. Before SDXL 0.9, most of us were able to get something good out of SDXL beta, or even SD1.5. Ever since the "good" models were on NC, we would just transfer our existing skills to the new model. However, this skill is not a necessity anymore; new users won't even need to learn how to engineer a prompt anymore, and still come up with good-looking results. It's probably just human nature, many of us will take the easier path.

Replying to: John Shadeslayer I do agree that art is an expr...

For me, there is nothing wrong with models being easy to use and producing beautiful images with little effort. However, that does not mean that existing features should disappear. Things like start image, evolving, multiple prompts, prompt weights or inpainting are options that no one needs to know about or use. But it would be nice if you could still use them. That's what I wanted to express with point 4: some of the newer models no longer support all of these options. I am therefore concerned that we will reach the point where these options will be abolished. I would simply find that a shame because I think they are valuable for creative variation and technical experimentation.

Hey man, back to Stable Core not being any real improvement at all. Have you taken Stable Diffusion 3 for a spin yet? If not you don't know what you're missing! I've been using the BETA for a while. Some of my results are up on my gallery along with their prompts. I've had a few come out with lackluster visuals, and if you look closely there are some typical flaws yet to be worked out, but the results have been unbelievable! In the tiger scene I asked for 15 specific things without weighting anything, and got EVERY single one of them! Including a tiger, macaw and a toucan. Along with a waterfall, the tiger being where I asked he be, some white clouds, moss, deadfall... When it's ready it's going to make SDXL into a dinosaur. Also I haven't had a single case of specified colors "bleed", which still happens with Dall. Crazy dude.

Replying to: Gil

β˜οΈπŸ€“ I opened a club house.

Replying to: knusperfunk

That's a nice idea, Knusperfunk. I'm joining your room. πŸ™‚

Many of the newer models don't have these features yet.

ChatGPT Plus only recently introduced evolving and inpainting for Dall-E 3, and I think OpenAI is going to keep this exclusive for ChatGPT Plus subscribers for as long as it is profitable for them. πŸ˜‘

The new (cheaper) SDXL turbo text2image models used simply don't support start images because of the way they have been engineered. I guess NightCafΓ© opted not to implement image2image, because the performance/quality trade-off isn't quite worth it (yet). Who knows … there are lots of new fine-tuned models popping up, so it's likely that one featuring image2image will eventually make it into the NC catalogue.

They are good gatekeepers for the vast jungle of generating AI models after all. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Replying to: John Shadeslayer You've got a good point there....

Thank you both for the information! I don't know the background. @knusperfunk @John_Shadeslayer

Replying to: Astro_dude Hey man, back to Stable Core n...

Sounds interesting. I'll try it out. I'll also look at your gallery. πŸ™‚

What does it mean no creations made with this model have been published? I just published one.

😁 many have, just not showing up yet

Theres a bug here, at the moment, sorry!

Oh, OK. I have 3 of them published now so far.

Should be fixed now! 🫣

Oh, OK. Thanks for letting me know. I can't wait to see other people's creations with this new model here when the bug is fixed.

Love it. The quality is soo good! it's 1.5x bigger than sdxl models (1024px -> 1536px using 2:3 images) :D

Going trying it very soon. I have a bunch of characters to create.

excellent outcome created! tested on short and long prompts. love how detailed and smart this model is!

Not at all impressed, it may generate decent pictures from one or two words but seems useless given any kind of actual prompt

I guess it's a different model with different rules. I do agree that creating complex prompts for SDXL is better than that of the same prompt here. We probably don't have the credits to discern how best to use Stable Core (or if it's even that good).

It really cherry-picked what it could do best and ignored the rest of my prompt.

First Time I used this was... underwhelming. But I could see it was a very good model. So I left it to get tuned a bit more, and now it is my most used model. I think it is probably worth the four credits, because, for most things, this is a fantastic all rounder model. I am looking forward to seeing it get even better!

Stable Core made Jesus Christ with healed scars without my direction. It reasoned by itself that they should be there.

Its great but its basically the same as dreamshaper lighting. Dont waste your credits!

I have had great results using this model although I am yet to try out using smaller prompts, over all it's a great model thank you for creating it!

I want my 4 credits back - and a whole bunch more of failed results. This is supposed to be a winter scene. Check the prompts.

I want my 4 credits back - and a whole bunch more of failed results. This is supposed to be a winter scene. Check the prompts.

Hmm. I tried with 2 different prompts to make an image of a rhythmic gymnast performing a ribbon routine and I got this: "StabilityAI's content filter rejected/blurred this image. It has been refunded." I guess the AI won't give me any rhythmic gymnastics images. That's a shame. I love rhythmic gymnastics.

Now I tried to make a duplicate of this image of mine

with Stable Core and I got this "StabilityAI's content filter rejected/blurred this image. It has been refunded." I had this happen with 2 other prompts a day or two ago. I've never had this happen with any other model before. I don't understand why it's doing this.


also think it's not the best, for example I created a golden flower in the stable core and also in Real Cartoon XL v4 and the result there was much more beautiful than in the stable core! In the stable heart it will come out much simpler and not royal, here you will see the hoshos:(Guess for yourself which one created the core and which one the other... I'll give a hint, the one with Real Cartoon XL v4 is prettier...)

This model absolutely has something against the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Every time I've tried a prompt asking for a rhythmic gymnastics creation, it always gives me a refund. It refuses to give me a rhythmic gymnastics image.

Stable Core lacks the kind of detail you would expect for the cost, plus it its censorship settings are excessive, and at a cost of 4 credits you should be permitted to get a refund on failures.

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