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Watery Caves
Watery Caves

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5 months ago

Watery Caves

Created 5 months ago · 28 comments· 1227 likes

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This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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"Dreamy underwater scene; watery; iridescent incandescent glowing mermaid castle; beautifully lit; Ferdinand Knab; [8K 3D 8k resolution deviantart DSLR Flickr matte painting trending on Artstation Unreal Engine VRay]"


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Anonymous User

very nice

5 monthsReply

ooo~ this gives chills to my back. Cool pic!

Have you found a secret sauce to SD? I'm curious as to how much to let things cook because this is wonderful but many experiments have been really childish looking or just too bizarrely ugly to even share lol.


i like to do very detailed prompts! a lot of them are honestly inspired from other creators. i was lucky enough to be on the beta team for SD so i got to practice a lot before the launch 😏 almost all my prompts are open if you wanna try any of them!

Replying to: Soda Khan i like to do very detailed pro...

Thank you for leaving prompts open. It's helping me learn.

Replying to: Arcarels Thank you for leaving prompts...

Yay! I love when i can help others ❤️ they usually end up helping me back by liking a bunch of my stuff so it’s definitely mutually beneficial imo 😉

🪙💰 5

Used your prompt too! /creation/uaqmN3JDKXwzwFW6SzeU

turned out great!

Oh Soda!!! 😳🧡🧡

SD is so good at handling caustics, I'm so glad it's out. This is truly an amazing piece, nice use of the prompts to deliver something as gorgeous as this! I can see this in a game or animated series even.


this is so magical & relaxing

you deserve more likes

So beautiful. Thank you for leaving your prompts open on your art!


3 monthsReply

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