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Wave on the
Wave on the
a month ago

Wave on the

Created a month ago · 182 comments· 0 likes

Juggernaut XL v8

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a monthReply

Beautiful creation. Gorgeous image from a great idea. The lighting is lovely. Following you.

ממש סערה בכוס מים

So cool! You can drink the ocean now ;-)

❤️ Excellent work 💙

Beautiful 🌊💙

Ok I see you have hidden your prompts, but I was trying like crazy to get an object inside another object like this the other day (spent about 50 credits trying!). And failed. Any hints?

if you need help with prompts for getting creations like this i can help you. just tag me on one of my creations and i can guide you through it.

or you can tag me on one of your creations. its all about how you word it and the order you word it.

Oh and uber image, have followed you.

Replying to: Timmy Contraros or you can tag me on one of yo...

OK, will do when I get a day free, many thanks! Just new to this and really would like to learn how to do things properly! :)

Awesomeness catch the wave

Love the lighting and the concept, turned out nice


The French have this expression: "Une tempête dans un verre d'eau", perfectly demonstrated here. Kudos!

Very nice. Following

The ocean in a glass! 😃


similar !

Excellent, wonderful, magical work

wonderful, althoug may be not more than a storm in a cup of drink 😸

Wahoo !! Une tempête dans un verre d'eau

Hawaii on top and Alaska on the bottom

This would look interesting if you had a surfer riding the wave in the glass. Nice image, and one that has some beautifully selected colours.

I love it, follow me please

I love this! Following

Oh, that's beautiful. Did you do it for the ocean waves challenge? Because I did one for that, but your's puts mine to shame.

This is stunning.

Cool concept. Following

I'd love that on my desk!

Great composition and execution.

Oh, I'm following!

Cool image.

You are invited to join the game below. Hope to see you there.

So beautiful. Amazing details. Following😺

Love the wave in the glass.

I genuinely love this so much. I could look at it all day

Love this! Very nice!

"Tonic WaVe" magical majestical inna cup.....🌞

I made it 3K. Lol. Nice Art Piece



This is great art!

there u go, wu wei

Fantastic dilematic dramatic

Thankyou guys

Thankyou guys

Please create a Zebra stepping up the stairs

Eine Meereswelle im Glas , coole Fantasie. Sonnenaufgang im Hintergrund. Stelle ich mir gerade vor wie ich am Strand sitze und das Meeresrauschen höre.

This would really satisfy your thirst. Great job! Good colors.

muito criativo

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Juggernaut XL v8

Juggernaut XL v8

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