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The call of the wild
The call of the wild
a month ago

The call of the wild

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title inspired by "The call of the wild" by Jack London

Eyes are the window to the soul.

My intention is for the cat to be empowered as a tiger, and the dog as a wolf, through their eyes, but I'm not sure if that's clear in the picture.

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a monthReply

thank you so much

thank you so much, Sundari

Very cool! Congrats

thank you

Wow, gorgeous! Congrats!

Replying to: Matthew thanks

You're welcome 🤗

Wow! Fantastic creation. Amazing idea and excellent performance. Very impressive. Congratulations!

thank you so much

I love it, voted 5/5, congratulations! 💙

thank you! You are always so sweet and kind

aww, thank you! 🥹 you're so nice!

Adore this concept, even the colours have meaning. So well thought out. 🌟🙌🌟

yay thank you, glad you like it

Just read your explanation now, and it’s exactly how I interpreted it.

Replying to: Matthew thanks

You are very welcome, this is truly beautiful

🧡 💙

Wow, amazing image, esp being able to capture two distinct animals!

thank you so much🧡 💙

Gorgeous creation👍🥈👍

thank you so much🧡 💙 wonderful image!!!!

thank you so much🧡 💙

thank you so much🧡 💙

Great creation 👍🏻

thank you so much🧡 💙

thank you so much🧡 💙

Fabulous image. I love this concept. I see the inner wolf and the inner tiger. Whether they are empowering or just acknowledging their true self.

thank you so much🧡 💙

thank you so much🧡 💙

Replying to: Matthew thank you so much🧡 💙

Welcome Matthew and have a nice Day. 😃

Beautiful, gz 😊🌹

thanks Bellicose

Vwry cool, great job.

thank you so much🧡 💙

thank you so much🧡 💙


thank you so much🧡 💙

thank you so much🧡 💙

Wonderful work 😊

thank you so much🧡 💙

thank you so much🧡 💙

very nice congratulations


This is MAGNIFICENT I love the sun/moon, feline/canine thing!

bravo !! tu m"épates,tu m"épates !😍

This is so amazing!!! I think your intention came across!!

Wow, congratulations, impressive piece, love it!

Very cool - congratulations!

Beautiful, congratulations!

Congrats, great work

Beautiful. Any clues on the prompt you used?

😮😍😍 Amazing! 🥰❤️

aww!Wow! Love this! Magical!

such a nice work!!!

Wow! This is amazing 🤩

Well-executed. Really balanced and quite profound I'd say! <3

I'm amazed how this looks from AI. Definitely like the colours and does look like the sun and the moon represent the eye for dog and cat. Amazed picture.

well done Matthew ! great creation , fabulous double exposure 😍

That is incredible! 😲 Nice work!

Incredible work! Amazing! Thank you so much for joining in!

It's been an absolutely fantastic turnout again with spectacular entries from everyone, massive congratulations to our winners.

Hope to see you all in the next one, it's already set up in chat, be sure to bring in new wonderful creations and not sharing the same on all the rounds, fetch your brand new ideas and show them off, we've all seen the old stuff, we want thrilling new masterpieces 😁

See you in there

Happy Creating


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Very well done. Marvellous work!

Wow that is incredible beautiful double exposure

This is absolutely stunning! 😍

Great work! Congrats!

Awesome! I love Jack London books!

wow, that is just amazing

super idea!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations well done.

Congratulations awesome work I love the fact you used a cat and a dog with their larger equals

Oh my god! Awesome!

LOVE this! Would be very interested in learning how you accomplished a double double-exposure... So Kewl!

Congrats, btw! ❤️

You are truly an artist

Nice idea, well designed. , and yeah, the concept was immediately clear to me. Can't speak for anyone, but this works for me. Good job.

Looks amazing and I understood without you saying. But great job and thank you for letting us know what you trying to portray. 😊

Красиво! 💕

Hypnotic Image of seeing our true Potential. I love this.

Great job congratulations on your 2nd place ranking 🥰

Wow, this is spectacular! Very nice and inspiring concept. Big Congratulations🥰❤️

Congratulations! Very cool

awsome looks great!!

Yes, your intention is clear & I thought it was fabulous!! What a terrific creation!!!

Congratulation on ranking it's really unique and beautiful.

Marvelous creation, wow! Great work! 😄

Fantastic. You have reached the soul of Life,

"God has made the cat to give Man the pleasure of caressing the Tiger"

Beautiful image 👍

Wow. that's one of the most spectacular images I've seen

This is just fantastic, great creation. Super nice,


Magnificent work!

I love that book. And this art!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Fabulous!!! Congrats on silver!!!🤗💐👏👏🌺❤️🥰💖🌸🌹💛💐

Incredible work ♥️

Love the concept… beautiful

🧑‍🎨 Magnifique and BEAUTIFUL art, CONGRATULATIONS 🥳

I think you did very well.

Brilliant work! It's an interesting question whether we should puristically accept the AI output or have some photoshop-type followup to get things exactly right. It's a values conumdrum in some ways.

So beautiful!!!!! ❤️❤️