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under the surface a paradise
under the surface a paradise
a month ago

under the surface a paradise

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This prompt is not mine, it is from susanne2 who took it from Oasis xairxrayprompt (both not users on NC afaik) and probably used by many others. I adopted it to work with Dall-E(Bing). See the original prompt in comments.

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Nice! I created the same thing a few days ago. And a few more like it. It was a good prompt.

a monthReply
Replying to: Creativeebro Kindly share

"In a barren landscape, visualize a figure with skin resembling parched earth, looking upwards as cracks on its surface reveal a vibrant oasis within. Inside this oasis, a smaller figure dances freely among lush greenery and flowing water, symbolizing the inner sanctuary of freedom and enlightenment. The stark background contrasts with the oasis's vibrancy, while the larger figure's hands gently cup around it, nurturing this inner world. Surrounding the smaller figure, life flourishes, representing the soul's growth once freed from mental constraints. The scene is rich in high-resolution textures, vivid greenery, detailed hand imagery, and dynamic lighting, emphasizing the beauty of the oasis. Craft this image in full UHD resolution to capture the intricate details and colors of this transformative moment"

Replying to: AmbiBambi "In a barren landscape, visual...

I used your prompt above on Bing image creator and get this one

Kindly share

Replying to: AmbiBambi "In a barren landscape, visual...

Thank you 🙏🏾😊

Thanks for taking part in my recurring ⭕NO THEME⭕ challenge. So many awesome entries including yours! 🤩

Congrats to those in the Top 3! 👏🏻

Another challenge will start soon in the same room, hope to see your creativity again! 👍🏻

Challenge results:

Easily one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen!

It's quite a popular prompt I'm surprised you haven't seen it before! It's great

Would be cool if you credited the original creator though


I now did so, wished I had done earlier.

Unique and very out of the box, outstanding!💯

Beautiful image, congrats!

That's incredibly creative!


Amazing! Following for more

Wonderfully surreal, great word play! Genius

so beautiful - following!

Amazing ❤️

Very beautiful and original, skillfully made. Definitely following!

Not original lol this thing is on a few sites. The prompt was open.

True, now I see that it's written in the notes for the creation, but still the end result in this version of the piece is definitely original (in the sense of unique). 😉

Clever image, beeblebrox 👏

Welcome back from the End of the Universe. Really nice inner revelation here. Tres cool. Great idea.

Omg. This is so amazing. 👏🏾❤️

Don't worry about that. By the time you snagged that prompt it had probably been used a hundred times elsewhere. If anyone wants an unpublished prompt, they can reverse engineer any image on here. I could swear I was told we are all here to learn anyway. Could always take down prompts you don't wanna share. Mine are all open, and if they aren't just ask and I'll open them for you

😍😍 Awesome!

wow! what a great imagination!

Absolutely brilliant

Amazing piece of work!!!

Wow. Great idea, very well execused! lovely!!

Woooooooooooooow !!!!!!!

WOW! This is fabulous!

My apologies that I didn't put it into the description that it wasn't my prompt, I now did so. See the one you linked is also using a prompt by someone else, so I have no clue from where it originated and who had that idea.

Amazing work, following.

Completely mind-boggling, awesome!!!!

Very cool creation and prompt!

Excellent! 👏👏👏

Stunning, well done

Awesome and so original

Wow. What was this made on? If you dont mind me asking. It's fantastic!!


Incredible and genial

Ohh, love art! Happy World Art Day April 15th 2024

Amazingly original is a sea of sameness. Thanks for delighting my mind

🧑‍🎨 Absolutely beautiful artwork, CONGRATULATIONS 🥂

amazing.. love the thought of a paradise inside YOU💚🥰💚

I love this a lot

Emotional and powerful art ❤️

very nice, congratulations

So super cool!

Just a masterpiece !

Remarquable travail!<3


чудесно..решение идеальное

Such a unique concept. So beautiful!

I've seen this so many times on other sites it is so popular! Good outcome!

WOW, fantastic♥

Joli 👍🏼

love the original idea

Amazing truth! 😉

The desert speaks of greenery and prosperity inside. very beautiful

Very thought-provoking work!

Beauty lies in darkness

amazing!!! ❣️❣️

Good work! Very cool!

this is awesome!

Wow 🩷🩷🩷

Thank you for playing my NO THEME CHALLENGE ! xoxo from : Meow-tactic KIA

Absolutely beautiful!

You published this 20 hours ago and got over 2k likes. I published this over a month ago and got like 2 likes. Is it the desert? Or how is this system working? How to get more "range" to reach out to more people?

It's due to followers mostly. @b_b_x has 10x more followers than you, so 10x more people see what they post vs what you post.

Look at the main Explorer page (default mixed). It includes creations from who we follow. A lot of users will go to the Explorer page and like stuff.

There's also when you post. If you post at busy times more people can see your stuff, though there's also more competition.

Once a creation gets past a threshold of likes it's going to be seen by more people on the different Explorer pages.

Then there's luck. This is my most liked creation

it's not that good, It's made using the free DreamShaper v8 model. Was lucky. 🤷‍♂️

Replying to: David Cameron Law It's due to followers mostly....

Thanks for the reply.

this is awesome, really cool! I love the idea as well as the surreal picture itself

Awesome, gz 🌹

Magnificent! Well done, kudos!

félicitations, magnifique

Beautiful creation congrats 🎉

I see these and feel like a rank amateur. Amazing.

Amazing - Congrats!

Epic image👍🥈👍

Holy fffff this is amazing. I drew something like this a long time ago but... Wow. Stupendous work.

Wow.. good work buddy🥰

ThankYou for joining my "💥 No Theme 💥 share images " challenge! It was again Legendary, a lot of great entries. Congratulations to the winners, but also to the ones that did not place. Thanks for coming back to vote, you are great!

  • Here is the link to the past challenge, if you want to see the results
  • Another one started in the same rule, same room. Welcome to join!

Stunning image!! Congratulations on the 2nd place!!

Awesome! Congratulations!

Liked this series yesterday, Congrats on Silver in KaiArt's NoTheme

Excellent creation 🤩

This is utterly astounding!! Congratulations and inspiring surreal artwork!

Votre image m'a inspirée ! mais c'était avant qu'AmbiBambi mette l'invite ! l'image est faite avec mon invite ! je vous mets le lien et merci pour votre partage d'images !

This is so amazing! Thanks for sharing the lineage of the prompt as well!

Congratulations! Great work

Congrats 👍🏻