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stuck at the edge of despair
stuck at the edge of despair
5 months ago

stuck at the edge of despair

Created 5 months ago · 103 comments· 0 likes

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Just WoW. What a creation

5 monthsReply

Ooooh, this is amazing! I really love both the before and after, and it's so interesting how different they are!

Excellent work! Love this!

So beautiful! Wow! One of my favorites today.

Absolutely stunning.

very expressive, been there, done that.

This is a ready-made cover for any fantasy work related to space

Complètement amazing

This is stunning! Love the moody lighting! 😍

Very beautiful and full of depth.

Wow es una imagen increíble 👏🤩

Hello everyone!

Today was a beautiful challenge. The winners were fantastic, but as always it was the average quality that was very high!

Looking forward to seeing you today for another challenge. Same time, same room.

Peace and Love,


Absolutely stunning!

"Amazingly right in my Element" this is the World ofthe Cosmos" "Phenomenal"

Beautiful work. Following…

just. wow. this is incredible!!

Wow, this is amazing!

Beautiful work, nana! Amazing! 🖤

That's one beautiful landscape!

Brilliant use of shades and lighting...SMILE!!!

Both are amazing. Great work👏

Great Work 😍


Well, what to ad to what was already said? That is breath taking !


Wow, incredible details

Such a great creation, incredible work!

l love it. it flows so nicely


Reminiscent of Van Gogh's starry night

OmG WhAt! ThAt Is BeAuTiFuL!!

Stunning 🤩 Been there☹️

Hogwarts Legacy vibes.

Excellent, amazing, wonderful work

I really like the before image too!

"Hey, budding! The zip line is the next cliff over!"

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stuck at the edge of despair

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highly intricately detailed, person waiting at the edge of the unknown, digital illustration, 4K UHD, dramatic triadic lighting, decadence, stars, despair, melancholy, moon, macabre, by suehiro maruo and junji ito



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"surrealism, waiting at the edge of the unknown, digital illustration, stars, despair, melancholy, moon, macabre, by suehiro maruo and junji ito"


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An image encapsulating the themes of surrealism and macabre, filled with the essence of despair and melancholy. We see a solitary figure standing on the edge of an abyss, the unknown yawning before them. They are surrounded by a vast, celestial landscape, accentuated by shimmering stars and the solemn presence of the moon. This universe is not grounded in reality, embracing the style of late 19th-century Symbolist movement using dark, digital illustration techniques. It's a universe that could be imagined in the mind's eye of those well-versed in creating a haunting and eerie atmosphere.




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