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State-of-the-art image generator from OpenAI.

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First time in the city
Muhammad Gazali
Hyperrealistic portrait of a beautiful woman wearing intricately detailed colorful clothing and futuristic car.
Jacky Rocker
Psychedelic Glow Worms
Cherry Blossom Fairy
Gold Pegasus
Deathly Asylum
Deathly Asylum
Larry Lynch
A cartoon worm slipping down into the grown where many surprises await


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The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

3 monthsReply


Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... lol. 😝

Making me wanna buy pro more... 😭 Looks great based off the recent creations!

All you have to do is tell it what you want. For example: "An otter standing on a beach holding a sign that says "You Are Awesome!"

And it does texts SO well too!

Replying to: Ladyelf Thank you so much! That is a...

Glad to see you're having fun. Don't forget we have chat rooms and a facebook group available if you have any more questions!

Replying to: Tater Terry And it does texts SO well too!

It does? Do we have tutorials on how to do text?

Now, it may take a few tries as it is still not perfect, but here's the image of what I posted a moment ago:

Replying to: Tater Terry Now, it may take a few tries a...

Thank you so much! That is a really cute image :) I'm having a lot of fun with Dall-E it's so different.

Replying to: Tater Terry Glad to see you're having fun....

I did not know about the Facebook group, I'll go check it out! Thank you again.

Can't stop using this model! 🥰

Now we just have to wait till we can use our own fine tuned models.

Cant wait til that day, and when we can submit it to the challenges!

why does this keep adding weird racial stuff to prompts?

Replying to: DragonIdk What do you mean?

I mean the prompt I put in just has the word person or people and the DALL·E 3 Revised Prompt specified a race for that person.

for example;



it seems to always do it

My first creating using this model generated sideways and backwards. Too "expensive" in points to be rendering these kinds of results.

One of the good things about this model is that it allows characters to have tears in their eyes when they cry which I tried that twice and worked very well, but I wish the other models should allow that too.

I love DALL-E 3 but it is very expensive credits wise, especially when so many creations do not work out. I am getting 3 hands on people, terrible distorted eyes and more. The results are amazing when it works well.

Well, after I finally paid and became a pro, that's sadly true because I wish it wasn't that expensive enough, but it's still one of the best models out of there and I will try it more when I have more credits.

Replying to: Nectaria Well, after I finally paid and...

Unfortunately, I lost my pro status, so I can't able to post more creations by using this model until in the next month and I should have paid monthly this time. 😞

It does some things well, others are a complete expensive mess. I won't be using it a lot.

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