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The ocean in a glass at midnight
The ocean in a glass at midnight
6 months ago

The ocean in a glass at midnight

Created 6 months ago · 337 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸 15

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I know why you’re here, because that’s amazing!!

6 monthsReply

This is so beautiful! All the details and fantasy in there! 😍💙💙💙💙

Fantastic work there ☝️

Replying to: Anonymous User But he didn’t do any work…… yo...

Do you dabble in art of pictures of oceans in glassware?

Replying to: Anonymous User But he didn’t do any work…… yo...

My great-grandfather's generation shook their fist at the sky when their jobs of cleaning up horse poop off city streets got taken away because people used the automobile.

But he didn’t do any work…… you people don’t seem to understand, there’s nothing about this that you created. It’s an image that was made by scraping the artwork of real artists…. Stealing from those who spent years building the skills to draw & paint real art. AI can’t create from nothing…. Your prompts are basically typing in a search for the image you want. Ai then finds those real artworks that fit the description & mash them into another image. We real artists are now losing work, because of cheap scraped uncopyrightable AI pictures (cheap, stolen, basic) & couldn’t be created without the use of our real art - that we get no compensation for.

Replying to: TronicLaine Do you dabble in art of pictur...

I’m a professional illustrator, I don’t dabble in anything….. I draw & paint illustrations from a blank canvas of whatever my clients need. This can be oceans in glassware if that’s what they want. Those of you who use these AI programs have no understanding of the damage they are doing… which I’ve never drawn anything, see this cool looking option to create an image that looks like art & give it a go. Ypu can pump out images within seconds, & post them all over your social media… getting you a lot of attention. This is because most people viewing the images don’t realise they aren’t real, that they are AI. They don’t care about the weird anatomy… because like you, they don’t see it. You’ve never studied anatomy, have no idea how to create a gesture sketch & block in the 3D forms… then how to add lighting, perspective etc. I hope you can understand what I’m saying… it’s systematically wiping out work for real people, like me who spent years honing our craft.

great detailed and amazing imagery captures the illusion of a city the glass that we commonly drink out of is nothing more but a imaginary vibrant art piece.


So creative. Well done!!

Very, very nice idea.


What a creation! Follow ❤️

Very cool. I love the concept!

This one absolutely beautiful. Great work!

Very nice composition! Well done!

Great work! Imaginative and beautiful!

This is epic. Im following ❤️🔥❤️

This is such a unique idea!

Amazing 😍😍 Following

Буря в стакане!

Weird but very nice

im speechless this is great

Very good work! I followed you but you won't get a notification because I had already followed too many today.

Wow! That's absolutely beautiful 😍

really like the contrasting images

What a masterpiece of work! 🤩

Wow, amazing image! Terrific work


Nice! Multiple seas! 😍

I'm lost for words .....

Unreal obstacles of dreem image.

Absolutely amazing. I'm following hope you follow back 🫣's cooool😍😍😍

Amazing following! Please consider following back thanks 🫰


Whoa!! Lovely. Following you for more

Amazing work! 🤩🤩🤩

I wouldn't want to live on those cliffs!

This is so capturing I love it!!

Utopia humanos e o mundo dos peixes em um copo d'água

I liked your creation, continue creating. #open-prompt-gang #NCDailyChallenge

Beautiful design. The details are so good. Nicely done. Following😺

This is a great image!

Excellent, amazing wonderful, magical work

WOOOOOOW... Magical♥

Amazing! Congrats!

Awesome effects!!!🙌🙌

Wow this creation is stunning! It is the best creation I have ever seen! I am following for sure. Plus I love the detail very impressive! Stay safe and keep creating. I hope to see more of your amazing creations!🤘😃😄🤩😹☺️

Great work! Following back...

This is a clever concept. Kudos. :)

Very creative! Love it too!

I don't get it. Water over water over water. House over house. Glass, fish, clouds.


Wow, like a looking glass!


An amazing creation!!

I like it very much!

This is awesome and very imaginative

Love it! What are your best tips for beginners?


I am a beginner 😅. It's barely been a week

I agree with @Hirai. It’s a masterpiece.

So pretty! Love the detail!

Awesome creation 👍 followed 🖤 Visit me and take a look around 😊

Amazing pic. What do you do with this pic?

This is so cool! I love the idea. What theme did you use?


Wonderful concept! Beautiful! Following