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very angry egg (david)
very angry egg (david)
5 months ago

very angry egg (david)

Created 5 months ago · 415 comments· 0 likes·🪙 2

SDXL 1.0

david maio

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After learning his brother Humpty was actually pushed, Grumpy Dumpty swore revenge.

5 monthsReply

Okay - that's funny!


Lol! xD

My first thought? A "bad egg"...

A very bad egg indeed!

Replying to: Yuu Takasu Mine was hazbin hotel


Replying to: WrethDF A very bad egg indeed!

His just angry-But if you say so, he is indeed!

Great job! Now, that’s a bad Oeuf!

Replying to: SatireReya *Huevos* "Waves us" on toward...

"Huevos Rancheros " - 😉😉

Replying to: SatireReya Eggsactly! Bigg Oof!

Ah! Watch for the bilingual puns. 😁

Replying to: Descartes Belgian Monster Ah! Watch for the bilingual p...
Replying to: Descartes Belgian Monster "Huevos Rancheros " - 😉😉 ht...

I love this thread 😄

Replying to: Descartes Belgian Monster Ah! Watch for the bilingual p...

Too many yolks?

Replying to: Dr Incognito Too many yolks?

Well, the leader was a bit of an Oeuf, but to be fair… he WAS searching for his missing daughter, Omlette.

It would be awesome if he was laughing. Then everyone could get the yolk

Wicked!!! Love it. Totally cool. I'm following you so I can see more. I'm going to visit your gallery too

This is great, that yolk looks real

Awesome image! Btw The Cyberbunny is now following you!


Very clever yoke (Errr ... I mean joke)

Better not cook that omelette 😹

Nicely done! What are you yolkin at?🥚🍳 I love it! ♥️

You made one published creation and literally received 2.5K+ likes. Great job.

I love art that inspires commentary. First of all, this is the most unique creation I've come across in my short time on NightCafé. It is weird, wonderful and completely upends the notion of a cracked egg as a non-living entity.


Did you name the egg after it appeared?


So cool ! Love it

That made me smile!

Hilarious! 🤣

Incredibly boiled 🤘

awesome and great idea.

you should try using this lora "Strong Expression" on tthis great image or on one of your prompts to see if it can do some magic to it.

😎✏️🌞🌸 Take a look, try it now:

So cool. Great idea

nicely conceived - good one

very cool like it following


This is egg-cellent ! Fantastic 🥚

You're my Hero! Love so much Eggs! 😍🤪🐱‍🏍

this is awesome work

what the heck am I looking at?

sou iniciante em ia estou estudando como montar prompts nao tenho nada interresante ainda mas vc é muito bom, parabens.

This is lowkey kinda cute 😊😊

wow. very good idea!!!

This is awesome. Clever and funny

Excellent, amazing, wonderful, magical work

When the yolk's exposed, you know that he means business! :O Hehehe! ;-)

👏 this is a Remarkable composition! ❤️Top-notch! 👌I cannot believe that this egg was made without using Loras

love it, well done angry side up egg. 8 )

Really enjoy the egginess of it.

Oh lord, this is just so good.

A great egg sample

This looks great!!! 🤘😝🤘

Surprisingly haunting? I like it though haha

This dude is yolked

Incredible work! 😍

خلاقانه کار کردی بسیار زیبا


Incredible work, followed!

This one made me laugh! Great work!

Cool Want to join my challenge!?

Bad to the yolk