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“How was I supposed to know I shouldn’t eat the neighbors?!”
“How was I supposed to know I shouldn’t eat the neighbors?!”
a month ago

“How was I supposed to know I shouldn’t eat the neighbors?!”

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People need to post signs!

a monthReply

Like, " Stay off the lawn", " Beware of dog", "Don't eat your neighbors", my neighbor always put those signs out!




No no no, I told you go out and "GREET the neighbors", not "eat the neighbors" 💞 💞 💞

I know! This is a honest mistake he should be forgiven. 😔

💯. It's his parents responsibility to teach him. What is going on these days.... Geez...

Nobody ever tells me anything... shudders

🪙💰💸 10

You may have had bad neighbors!

They didn't protest being digested! 😄

Replying to: Mormookiee Spot on!

Thank you!

You smell them first. Eat them if they smell bad...🤣

Exactly!! 😂😂


Poor thing lol Adorable ❤️

Replying to: Mormookiee Right?! lol

Yeah lol Tyvm for tip ❤️

thank you for the inspiration (I had fun)

Are you not vegetarian? 😄

life just isn't fair. poor little guy.


"It's not MY fault! People shouldn't taste so yummy"


Haha funny

What have I told you? You start off with the pets and THEN the neighbors. You have to pace yourself...

me looking at all the comments and liking this the best

Perfect and for good Mood, Mormookiee!!! 😄



Thank you for tipping!! ❤️🫶

“I LOVE it! Mormookiee, you’ve got so much awesomeness!” (That is a direct quote from my sister 🤩). I love this too! You are incredibly clever and this one is so cute and the title makes it even better 🥰.

The rules of society can be difficult to understand sometimes.

🪙 1


Etiquette is hard.

Well, did they give you a weird look? It was probably warranted.

I wants to give them a hug? Do they 💖 hoomans?

Yes especially to eat! lol

We talked about this. Time out's n' stuff. You never learn. Bad. Don't. Etc.

Fair enough! There are no signs, and it's not something I've ever taught my kids. Having said that I do wish that monster parents would remember the impulses of their kids can have lethal effects. I wonder if there are Parenting Classes for Monsters? 👾

Aah, did you think they were like kleenex? Another one would just pop right up

Adorably grumpy

You need to learn for that



😄 👍 💘

Little guy... please, please, please come and eat our neighbours!

her little face is so cute 😂

Ok, It's like this, kid "The Devil Made Me Do It" will only work while you're small and cute. Work it!

so lol. and so true... I kep eating my neighbors

🪙 1

very nice

Lol..s'pose it depends on your neighbours if that's a good or bad thing 😁😂

Really magnificent

héhéhéh... a "dark monster"...a witty one again ... !

the no eating sign stapled to their forheads maybe 😄


Totally 💯

Mdr la tête qu il fait 😜


😄Don't worry they were bad neighbours!😅

Aww you didn't do anything wrong buddy


so nice and cute

Not the end of the world. Unless you eat all neighbours. 🖤

Absolutely adorable 🥰

at least ask them if they wanted to be eaten.... next time give them a form of consent to read. This is a pr nightmare. hahaha

I could forgive any mistake from that cutie 🥰

.....Did I say you shouldn't? It was a good job! Now let's go get ice cream!

Love the title 😂🤣

And they never tasted good either


😅 this is so funny. P.s: I'm really glad your not my neighbour

He can eat mine 😁 lovely creature🤗

I think it should become acceptable practice in certain circumstances! This wee lad was only doing the right thing, those neighbours probably played music loudly or slammed doors!


😘 I get my dayly dose of laughing here, Mormookiee 😄😄😄

And thank you ❤💕

siempre genial!

poor one 🥰, I would give you a hug, but then again... 🤔


He's too cute! You should ground him though. He can't keep making lunch out of the neighbors.

What a cutie he is!!

thanks so much for the tip !

Looool cute and soooo funny

🤣 is not your fault if no one told you 🤭


Aww... poor thing. He's hangry now! 🤍🥹

🪙 1

Reminds me of my neighbors...🤔

Oh dear. Somebody else learns about these weird rules society has come up with... "Don't eat the neighbors" indeed! Hmph.

Awe too late now



Your grounded! I told you before, no desert before dinner!😉


This is an excellent creation, amazing work!😄

aww hes so adorableee

🪙 1

lol he's such a cutie 😂🖤

Er ist so klein und die Nachbarn so groß, er wird sie vielleicht ins Bein beißen 😉

I love the facial expression.

🪙 1

Good Job

Fair 🤧🤧💯💯

Haha, brilliant!

И снова интересный персонаж!

🪙 1

adorable, love the title🤣🥰

This is so adorable!!!!...Such a cutie!!!!

Thank you so much for your lovely tip!!!

We all face that struggle.

Muchas gracias por la propina 😊😌

Hahah :D I love it !


So much personality!

Aw so cute!!


'Honey, why would you do that?', 'Dad said they were tasty.' 'No, I said they showed taste in their color choices.' 'Oh.' Love this!!!

Some neighbors are worth eating!

laughing my heart out

🪙 1

I too, would throw some of my neighbors in a cooking pot. LOL

BWAHAHAHA. Bless you, Pam!

Replying to: Mormookiee BWAHAHAHA. Bless you, Pam!


Everyone makes mistakes 🖤

My boy looks like he was JUST given a time-out lol

Awww he didn't know any better :c

…or the background; still trying to figure out how it managed that 😳

This. Is. Amazing.


that grumpy face! makes me laugh-well done

Adorable 😍

relatable. cute <3

Are we sure they weren't bad neighbors? He doesn't seem to be having digestive problems, and I have heard you can't keep a good person down...

cuz u will get to jails

Aww it's okay. It was the ones we don't like right?

Too cute!! Adorable little guy! 😄

You're welcome!

Poor little one, no one ever explained that to you...

🪙 1

If you didn't look so darn cute 😉🥰

Haha its so adorable. Maybe you could make another one where he is happy and rubbing his stomach and then his owner is like: "Max? Where are the neighbours?"

Hahahaha so cute

Cute But Deadly! lol

It's a cuteness that's hard to explain. There is in this endearing creature much of the natural sweetness of our dogs and cats, which we all love so much, as well as of the sweetness of our cute human babies; And yet and in addition there is also something supernatural in it, along the lines of the cute creatures of the animated films for generations. It's unattainable cuteness, and it's a result that only a polished AI model + skilled artist can successfully achieve. Well done my friend.

Thanks so much, Soshes!!!

who are his neighbors cause i feel like he did it just because they are annoying.


He is perfect!! ♥️♥️♥️