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Impossible sky city in the horizon
Impossible sky city in the horizon
2 months ago

Impossible sky city in the horizon

Created 2 months ago · 43 comments· 749 likes

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"Aerial view of stratocumulus forming a circular portal in the horizon by Ismail Inceoglu and Studio Ghibli, portal to a world in fire, 8 k, anime art style, cover art, dramatic scene Octane Render made by Studio Ghibli, great detail of depth, exceptional lighting, sunset, triadic colors, ominous,"

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Anonymous User

This is so transportive! 🔥💥

2 monthsReply

Cheers mate❤️

Thank you! 😍

Thank you! I apprechiat your kind Words /)

How is it so cool?! Great job!

Thank you so much🤩

Cheeers mate❤️


This is gorgeous

Thank you so much Riss😍

A really wonderful piece. The clouds and lighting are epic!

Thanks IAP! I apprechiat it❤️

Amazing... Its a screenshot of a animation

Hehe thanks mate😁

Ken, your works are truly beautiful. I really look forward to them each day.

Thanks mormonwookie! That means a lot to me❤️❤️

Gorgeous picture :)

Great and excellent work kenmyh


Oh wow, this is...ooof, it's simply incredible! Jaw droppingly beautiful! I would die for those clouds if they asked.

This is so Stunning!

Very interesting if you ask me, this is good stuff!

Wow! this is amazing!

Absolutely beautiful! I wish views like this actually existed!💕

pretty how about a new challenge you can put any person in court the funniest wins good luck

heres mine /creation/egEzPjrBCt188nvgFTj4

Nice painterly clouds. Feel really light and present

🤖 NightCafe

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