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portrait of failure
portrait of failure
a month ago

portrait of failure

Created a month ago · 159 comments· 0 likes

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a monthReply

very nice congratulations

Very nice style

Congratulations! Very creative

This for sure should have won!! Amazing!

Third Place | 🎨🖼️Watercolor Portraits 🖼️🎨| May 19, 2024 Congratulations

It is not failure if you recompose are try again.

this is to no offense to other creators or creations, but this creation is like a breath of frsh air from the usual flow and style of night cafe creations this week or just in general. love it

i think your creations are amazing, so i followed you. 😄

The real "you" can neither fail nor succeed, but is already and always perfect, wise, eternal. But I do love the sensation this image gives the viewer of being submerged impermanently in the egoic submarine of apparent self-hood. <3

I love the falling sakura beneath the water. Love the perspective of observation.

Wow nana! It's incredible! Great composition!

Wow there is so much depth in this creation

This feels so raw. Love it

What an amazing creation, beautiful, elegant, delicate and powerful, well done ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Wow! This is fantastic! Great colours

Bravo,, nana, bravo!

I gave you a like because something interested me in your work. whether it was style, technique, originality, idea or overall final creation...

wow... very cool 👌

Thank you so much for participating in Global Chats “🎨🖼️Watercolor Portraits 🖼️🎨”. Please join us for our next challenge “🎩🍸The Roaring '20s🍸🎩” starting soon. Here is a link to the results of the last challenge

But…not a failed portrait! Beautiful!!

This is so fine work you have here.

Beautiful, congrats!

too close to the knuckle to like.

Great work on this 🌸

More like 'Portrait of Success', based on all the number of favorites.

Portrait of success,this is astonishing.


Wow. Really great composition! Beautiful!

Drowning in her nation's tears. Azure stained collapse.

Congratulations! This image tells a sad story or perhaps a refreshing plunge to cool off from the heat. Terrifically inconclusive!

It reminds me of qinniart's poignant work towards the end of her life.

Great qrt work. Congratulations!

Lovely, congrats 👍🏻

félicitations, magnifique

Oh, nana… this is just amazing. Captures a deep feeling. 🙌

Stupenda creazione!!!

Tale for the Time Being?

makes me think of so many beautiful perfectionists that i know. thank you, very nice!

Fantastic creation, Congratulations 🍾🍾💛❤️

Beautiful creation, Congratulations

Awesome! COngratulations!

Dang this hits home ❤️❤️❤️ what a beautiful portrayal of human emotion. Wonderful!!

Nana, this is brilliant as always! Outstanding imagination and creativity

Absolutely Glorious and Marvelous !!!

Can't stop wondering about her. Love this portrait!

Compelling & unsettling

This peace really reaonates with me. Great job! Its beautifully done!

Excellent artwork, very nicely done 👌

una imagen muy profunda, expresa muy bien este sentimiento

failures a bit much, don’t u think

That is what it feels like though

Absolutely beautiful

Amazing! Congratulations!

I feel like this sometimes I can relate to this. You did an AMAZING job! Congrats🎉

Fantastic! 🤩

Absolute catch with true feelings.

Excellent, super, wonderful work


technically correct, good job, how long did it take you.

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Beautiful work. Following.

it really portrays that kind of feeling!

Wow... This has so much depth

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