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Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object
Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object
2 years ago

Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object

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2 yearsReply

That is brilliant! You are so good at landscapes, you should keep it up, have you ever got on the podium for a competition because you definitely deserve it!


Aw, thanks! I haven't even come close to the top lol. But thank you!

Oh geeze, I just saw this, thanks. :)

:) 6 months later...

Replying to: Quiet Volcano :) 6 months later...


I have been trying a lot more coherent because of you. You are so amazing with coherent and I have been trying my hardest to make good coherent creations. Thank you. If you could look at them it would mean a lot. I will make more when I get more credits. (I am out)

I just saw this, waht the heck? Thanks, and I hope that's gone well for you. Looks like you haven't published for a while, but you had some great work. :) Hope you're doing well. :)

Totally amazing technique

Thank you! Coherent is really great at many things, and the true masters can make photographic style images, but I prefer the oil painting feel. :)

your art never disappoints- this is absolutely gorgeous and stunning and i cannot keep my eyes off of it ❀️

Aw, thank you! That means a lot to me. 😁

Replying to: Quiet Volcano Aw, thank you! That means a lo...

Always! It means so much to see your amazing work ☺️

leave it to the pros to make something this awesome

Aw, thanks. I try, but we're all on even footing I think. 😁


Jeez... Leave some of the cool art for the rest of us :O

I've always wondered... how do you get your art to be so crisp and colorful?

One thing that helps, in my opinion, is using both prompts for clarity (clear, detailed, 8K resolution, etc.) and negative prompts (blur, blurry, fuzzy, bokeh, shallow depth of field, etc.) as well. In Coherent mode negative weights help reinforce things you don't want.

Replying to: Quiet Volcano One thing that helps, in my op...

Thank you so much for the tip!

Replying to: Quiet Volcano One thing that helps, in my op...

Oh! That makes sense. Thank you for sharing!

Replying to: CopperBeech Oh! That makes sense. Thank yo...

My pleasure always happy to give advice. :)

Would love some of these wall-sized. So much for the eye to get lost in. ❀ I also love that this apparently evolved from a cartoon cat.

Haha. Yeah my start images sew all over. I'll have a print shop open soon too. :)

Thank you! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Thank you! I love making storms and fires. :)

πŸͺ™ 1
Replying to: Quiet Volcano Thank you! I love making storm...

This is a brilliant storm! Has so much power to it.

Aw, thanks, that's much appreciated. :)


:) Thanks! I was out of town, so you get a late reply. haha.

Replying to: Quiet Volcano :) Thanks! I was out of town,...

Well it was a late comment xD

(In games show voice) Who will win? Force or Object?

After some inane answer you'll hear "good answer, good answer!" haha

The realism on this is absolutely insane.

Well thank you. :) I really like playing around with Coherent. Though Stable is kind of realism, you can do a lot with Coherent still. :)

how about a new challenge you can put any person in court the funniest wins good luck

heres mine

This is something else

Out of this world

Thank you, and maybe literally. I'd love to see something like this in real life.

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Text Prompts

"Raging, massive lightning storm in a canyon. By Caspar David Friedrich, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Justin Peters, Carr Clifton & Galen Rowell. 16K resolution, 8k resolution. Detailed landscape painting by Ivan Shishkin, DeviantArt."


"by Erik Johannson"


"hyperdetailed, hyperrealism, cinematic, filmic; epic in scope and scale"


"A beautiful hyperdetailed painting of a thunder storm at evening. Seen from above in the distance. Raging storm. Dark clouds filled with lightning. Maximalist. Chaotic lightning."


"Francis A. Silva, Jasper Francis Cropsey, Julius Klever; Craig Potton, James Gurney, Harvey Dunn, by Albert Bierstadt and Martin Johnson Heade; Max Rive; Gustav Klimt; Gustave Courbet, Caspar David Friedrich, Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin"


"by Thomas Kinkade, Gustave Courbet ,Caspar David Friedrich, Francis A. Silva, Jasper Francis Cropsey, Craig Potton, James Gurney ,Winslow Homer, Edvard Munch, Georgia O’Keeffe, David Hockney, John Constable, Dan Mumford, Rebecca Guay"


"8K 3D, 8k resolution, DSLR, Flickr, matte painting, Terragen; photography; landscape; brightly illuminated; water color scheme. Raging storm, deviantart detailed painting"


"film noir, neon, beautiful, deep colors, bright, amazing, gorgeous, wonderful, psychedelic, great, marvelous, fantastic, terrific, magnificent, excellent, fabulous, lovely, astonishing, outstanding, splendid, glorious, stormy"


"by Craig Potton, Ferdinand Knab, James Gurney, Harvey Dunn,by Albert Bierstadt and Martin Johnson Heade; Max Rive; Gustav Klimt; fantasy; ethereal; lightning, thunderstorm, maximalist."


"blur, blurry, bokeh, dirty, eyes, face, figure, hair, human, man, noisy, oversharpened, paint flecks, people, person, scratches, skin, text, too dark, too sharp, unclear, underexposed, undeveloped, watermark, woman"


"cluttered, messy, face, man, people, bokeh, scratches, people, paint flecks, noisy, dirty, unclear, Watermark, text, blurry, blur, noise, undeveloped, paint flecks, too sharp, underexposed"


"Beautifully composed render; parallax 3D; Cinematic, filmic lighting"


"Beeple, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Bernie Wrightson, Gerald Brom, Tom Bagshaw, Pino Daeni, Canaletto, James Gurney and Steven Belledin"


"Concept art. Highly detailed matte painting of a storm. Black cloud. Lightning. Storms."


"Behance HD; digital matte painting; hyperrealism; Cinema 4D; finalRender; Sketchlab; semirealism; hypermaximalist; Unreal Engine VRAY; Raytrace; 8k resolution; ZBrush Central, hyperdetailed, concept art, 64 megapixels, coherent, CGS"


"Hyperrealism, Photorealism, 4K 8K resolution DSLR filmic HDR detailed painting trending on Artstation Unreal Engine Cinema 4D IMAX, Hyper detailed digital matte painting, concept art"


"detailed painting, digital illustration, concept art, CGSociety, cinematic, filmic, deviantart, trending on artstation"


"Unclear, noisy, dirty, watermark, low resolution, fuzzy, grainy, ugly, imbalanced, overworked, undeveloped, scratches, dingy, overexposed, messy"


"Well Composed, Incredibly Detailed Composition, beautifully lit, colorful, bright"


"Cel-shaded. In the style of Studio Ghibli."




"Vibrant storm. Amazing depth. Polished."





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