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“The sky is water type?”
“The sky is water type?”
4 months ago

“The sky is water type?”

Created 4 months ago · 195 comments· 0 likes·🪙 1

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aww adorable <3

4 monthsReply

its so cuteee I just wanna hug it



Me too!

Replying to: Mormookiee :D


love the flame but i think it would be better if nightcafe like removed the tiny fire on the tail and added a lil sizzle to it ryt :)

Very cute and I like the animation of the rain.

This is so cute!!! Amazing

Did not expect to see that 🥺❤🔥✨

Can you join my challenge @Mormookiee? It's a lot of fun!

This is so cute!!! Amazing

Much appreciated!

Replying to: Mormookiee Much appreciated!

Thank you so much for your lovely tip!!!...A beautiful day to you!!!

Replying to: Blue and Green Thank you so much for your lov...

You're welcome!



Cuteness intensifies here! 💖

Much appreciated!

Replying to: Mormookiee Much appreciated!

No problem! And thanks! 🥰

awww, poor baby 😟


aww so cute

aww he needs a warm hug

yes he needs to be inside not out in the rain he could die

@-@ so sad, so cute, so sweet

Oops. Time for an umbrella!

❤❤❤😍😍😍Oh!!! Sad, cool, cutie with a flame on his tail!!! He needs a Fireproof Umbrella!!!

It looks wonderful !! Amazing effect !

😂😂😂 He is darling! 😍😍😍

That's the creations that i enjoy to see! Love this!

Is that a pokemon, Charazard or however it's spelt?

I would just like to help you. Its name is charmander.

Thank you. I'm clueless with pokemon names 🤣🤣

Replying to: Jason Stokes Thank you. I'm clueless with p...

your welcome. Also it evolves into charizard so you were so close.

Nice creation, Mormookiee!

Awww, behbeh. I'll give him a place to stay dry!

Awww! So sweet! 🖤

Where is a pokeball when you need one?

Excellent, amazing, wonderful work

Nice touch, Mormookiee! I like your Video creation. First creation I've seen so far. However, jury is still out concerning Video creation... 🤔 ❓️😕

Awww, well done! So cute

such an amazing creation

awww so cute 😉 love it

How cool!🔥💧🔥💧🔥

Magic of Mormookie I will say ! 😊

Come back to pokeball, Charmy 🥺

Aww this is so sad since when a Charmander's fire on their tail goes out they die

Exactly what i said

Awesome! Perfect animation!

aww, poor little guy!

Nice usage of animation

Looks so sad. His flame is going to die

That is a pokemon and when the flame dies it sadly does to

Awww, that's the cutest thing ever ❤️

I meant to put sicckkkk

awww!! Poor charmender.... Sorry, it is🥲

Awesome video!

poor little guy. Adorable. Rain looks awesome

I haven't had much animation luck, but rain seems to be one of the things that works.

Really nice one here! Congrats!

just a lump of coal now till it stops raining

Awww! Love him!🥹😍 Nice creation and animation! You did an amazing job!(like always)

So cute I forgot that it had fire powers when I hugged it!

That is adorable <3

The sky is also crying. ;-;

bad news for a fire dragon. poor cutie

Baby Char needs an umbrella ☔️

just means when you grow up you must set the sky on fire

OMG - how sad this little one looks. I really like the rain fallying.

Aww, poor guy! Nice animation with this.

Aww that is so lovely and adorable. Is it Charmander? 😍

adorable ...but he looks sad about the rain ..think he would go outdoor

Aww look at that wittle smush, smush!

Omg this is so cute 🥺❤️

Aw 🥺 poor charmander

Aww poor Charmander 🧡

Poor charmander.

Awww! Perfect! I choose you.

This is why when he grows to his final form he always has like that repressed anger face.

Beautiful done work

cute baby charmander ❤ 🙂

Nice one 👍👍👍

Cutie you look a bit sad

Wonderful ❤️❤️

Awww he's raining wet!.. Cute!

oh my gosh love you bro these are always amazing

So adorable! Who left this cute baby out in the rain?

Aaawww fssssst Poor little guy. <3

Aww I wanna hug him <3

So cute i want to put this in my collection 💖

so cute!! i wanna give it a hug so bad.

Haha, excellent. Very cute!

Dang it. Didn't know that.

The rain animation is so cool!


That is so sad looking, it's cute. I love pokemon images you create! You should do some more. Like a rillaboom, if you know what pokemon that is.

I love Pokemon I have never seen anyone do something with them. Also help him if his tail goes out he will die!

Awww! It's such a sad dragon so I wanna hug it to make it happier! 😊

So cute! I am concerned about him though…😬

Perfect animation! Wow

You are the master of cuteness!!!

Pobrecito Charmander

Awww sad charmander 🫂

Quick question. Is rain just God (or a greater power) sweating?

how dare you give me such feels <3

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“The sky is water type?”