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Life and Death
Life and Death
2 months ago

Life and Death

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I love this one, esp with the tree in the top slot of yin and yang... we humans are literally eating away at our own life-support system in our deforestation for the sake of say, oil drilling, cattle ranching... it's an emergency. This image is wondrous! <333

2 monthsReply

beginning and end everything in this world is interconnected, nice art


Gorgeous πŸ’š

Ohhhh so beautiful. Congratulations

This is absolutely incredible! πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ€

Love this Ying yang! 🧸

This is so cool! I really love the concept

Oh wow, another stunning yin and yang. You must be so happy with the results you're getting with this new model! Really different and truly artistic. Congratulations on your beautiful work.

This is a very nice piece of work. Very clean and concise and excellent color contrast.

Love this! So evocative!

A mystic zen beautiful creation πŸ‘i like it 😻

I like how the yin yang theme is carried by the image here. ☯️ Great job! ☺️✨



Again Schmooz?? This is sooooo good - Dall-E 3 is incredible, isn't it... but it's down to the prompter too, and you're just so good at it <3 .

Thank you everyone for participating in the challenge! These are super stunning! This is a constant chat room so no need to leave it once the challenge ends; another challenge will be made soon, so look out for it!

Nice play on yin and yang

Awesome πŸ˜€β€οΈ

Beautiful ! πŸ’–

Such a wonderful concept!

This is really beautiful and inspiring. Great Job!

Love this... really impressive 🌹

congrats, this one is so awesome

Intertwined with such beautiful creation!

Interesting depiction of ying and yang.

wowthis is the best art i have seen toda on NC

Quick a wonderful world you have built here!

Interessante ❀️

Another beautiful taijitu ☯︎

I stared at it a little more than a conversation with a philosopher. Beautiful!!!

Indeed a perfect harmony of light and dark, for both pave thy path for all in different ways. <:)

nice One ...interesting ...well done...following

So good😍

I love it its so butyfull

Like your style, following

Excellent, amazing, wonderful work

This is soooo beautiful😍

The Fable of Which Path to Choose!

Spectacular, Congratulation!

What a beautiful creation. I wish I had this kind of luck with yin yangs. Mine take a bit of looking to even realize it is one. LOL. Well done!

Amazing .... your imagination is so commendable want to know what all words would you have used in your prompt to generate this art.

Great creation! You should enter it to this challenge:

Your creations are really the next level!

Extreme balanced

muito original

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