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hot steaming tea in a dainty teacup on a dainty table, photo
hot steaming tea in a dainty teacup on a dainty table, photo
2 months ago

hot steaming tea in a dainty teacup on a dainty table, photo

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SDXL 1.0

This tea is relaxing. Care for some?

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well done on that tea cup this is a royalty type tea and tea cup i can see the steaming smoke coming out of it.

2 monthsReply

Love it! πŸ₯°



Perfect cup of tea! Great job.

I think I need a cup of my own, now β™₯ 🍡


nice one, well done

Fantastic image. You have a new follower 😁

I am ready for the tea party. Look fantastic!

Beautiful image, excellent detail on the cup and saucer!

Just beautiful..wonderful illustration!

may L join you? looks great

Amazing, how clearly you can see the steam


Nice detail in the teacup and in the background.


Well done! Followed

Almost makes me want to drink tea. ;)

Beautiful and tasty, Amazing jog✨

This doesn't make me feel gossipy at all.

Nice creation. Following.

I love my tea, if you are stoic tea philosophic mindset. lets connect.

So inviting in this cold weather

A very enchanting work, I love it.

So beautiful. The various colors and the details throughout is amazing. Nice job. Following😺


Mmm, now I want some tea. Brilliant work!


the detail on the cup is awesome!

peaceful and elegant

I can smell this tea β˜•

A strong tea I guess! Marvelous picture!

So lovely 😍😍 Following

I want this teacup 🩡

Beautiful 😍 Stunning πŸ’― 🫑

Good Idea. God perfect !

nice, my friend

Just going to make one, love it

Beautiful work πŸ‘

ahhhh tea. It is by tea alone I set my mind in motion, the thoughts acquire speed, the cup acquires stains, it is by tea along I set my thoughs in motion [with apologies to Frank Herbert.]


Love this πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› following

Amazing how you got the steam coming up from the up


Wow.. its so realistic

visually it

The tea with amber color foretold of the angst and anguish that would come from the morning..

Really perfect. I come for a cup of tea! 😁


This is really beautiful. Great job!!

Very cool...great work!

Just what I need

Perfect! Just sitting in front of a nice cup of Darjeeling - the upper class version of a pot of coffee...πŸ˜‰

Hahaha! Thank you.

Amazing! And straight to the top! Congratz!

Very nice! Love the details! πŸ™‚

just my cup of tea :-)

This is really neat. It's like lava in a tea cup.

Beautiful design. ❀️

Very nice! Following!

Awesome. Keep up the good work. Smiley face emoji.

wow! this is realy well done!


This looks so good! Well done, you make something so simple look epic and beautiful 😍

Stunningly beautiful !



Excellent, amazing, magical, wonderful work

Amazing image. very LUSH!

Stunning cup of potion 🍡

I would really like that cup of tea. It looks so good.

Beautiful artwork!

did u put sugar in that stunnig Tea? :-) follow you

Almost tasteful...Photographic...thanks for sharing!...

This is wonderful, I can almost taste the black tea

Wonderful creation

great, love the vortex in the cup


Insanely lovely.....the detail.

I had inherited a "Chocolate Pot Set" which is what is depicted here. I just want you know know that this is so on target with late 1800's early 1900's tea sets thta is uncanny. Fantastic job!

Replying to: Precious AY Wow! Thank you for telling me...

It's deserved. You're very welcome.

Wow! Thank you for telling me this. I'm happy.

Definition of tea: Hug in a cup.


Oh this is beautifuuul