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the moon is her only friend, a lonely siren's tale of sorrow
the moon is her only friend, a lonely siren's tale of sorrow
2 months ago

the moon is her only friend, a lonely siren's tale of sorrow

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This is sooo coooool omggggg

2 monthsReply

Pretty ))

This is so very very awesome πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 😍 πŸ’–

oh my gosh so beautiful 😭

Fantastic creation.

Fantastic creation!!

I love the out of focus underwater - and what cool elements to throw together: mist, splashes, underwater photo, very ethereal / melting body, and what looks like galaxies.


This looks like it could have been on a trapper keeper back in the day, and that is awesome!

I love water texture here. And lighting! (And everything)

That is truly something! Am I curious because often I will get my best picture when chasing something else; was that the same for you?

This creations summons me for some reason πŸŒΌπŸ’•πŸ˜

wow this is amazing.


Awesome & stunning! :-)

Wow! 😍

Very original creation!


Stunning! She doesn't want to kill anyone so she remains alone instead πŸ–€

Magical and so creative! 🎨🀩

So beautiful and magik

Outstanding composition, nana! :)

woah, that looks crazy! Cool!

Beautiful work nana

Ahhh, obsessed. Following 😊

Great creation:)


This!! wow wow wow. Very good

Starlit mermaid! Gorgeous! <3<3<3

What a masterpiece! Bravo!πŸ‘

Talking to the moooonnnn!!!! Trying to get to yooouuu!!!!! 🎢🎢

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Text Prompts

"Lonely mermaid melting into moonlight underwater, bright, glowing, splash art, vivid, nostalgic macabre vintage photograph, sparkles, melancholy By artist "anime", 3d anime art, inspired by WLOP, Artstation, #genshinimpact pixiv, extremely detailed, aesthetic, concept art, ultrafine detail, breathtaking, 8k resolution, vray tracing"


DALLΒ·E 3 Revised Prompt

A solitary mermaid dissolving into the radiance of underwater moonlight. The image has a splash-like effect, bright yet haunting, and draws inspiration from vintage photographs with a melancholic tone. The art style invokes feelings of nostalgia and the macabre, characterized by its vivid colors, sparkling details and an air of melancholy. The image is presented in ultrafine detail that is reminiscent of a 3D rendering. It is breathtaking in its detail and concept, capable of engulfing the viewer in its depth and narrative. The overall atmosphere is enhanced by a suitable selection of colors and textures that add to its aesthetic value. The requested resolution is high - an 8k resolution for an incredibly immersive experience.





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