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Ethereal Majesty-The Dance of Scales
Ethereal Majesty-The Dance of Scales
4 months ago

Ethereal Majesty-The Dance of Scales

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This image captures the elegance of the elusive – a woman whose skin tells tales from other realms. Her scales shimmer with light, flowing in an array of hues and shades that shift like the sky at sunset. Each scale is a time capsule, holding secrets of ancient civilizations and forgotten myths. Gazing upon her, one is confronted with the magic of eternity, captured in a moment of majestic beauty. This photograph is not merely an image; it is an invitation to journey through the boundaries of imagination, where every color tells its own story.

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Love this image, shows some nice details and prompts must have been well chosen! 🎨I have some themes similar! :) HOPE YOU LIKE THEM!! FEEL FREE TO 💓 MINE, FOLLOW AND SHARE if your time allows!💌!

4 monthsReply

Hey @LordElboron, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed the details and the thought behind the prompts. 🌟 I'm definitely excited to check out your themes; it's always inspiring to see the creativity of fellow artists. Expect my likes, follows, and shares coming your way! Let's keep the art flowing and support each other. 🎨💖


great image

Thank you!💖

Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge, beautiful entry from you!!! ☺️💜 A HUGE Congratulations to @rebel_butterflyz on getting first place out of so many incredible entries! An outstanding creation!! I thank you all for making it one of my biggest challenges so far!

Now the sad part 🧑 2,363 players 🖼️ 2,256 entries 🗳️ 182,009 votes 👍 954 voters This means 1302 didn't vote, disappointing to say the least especially with such a huge amount of entries, but nowhere near half voted so there won't be a credit payout which I'm sorry about, I really thought it would at least encourage more people to support each other.

I'm going to double the credit prize on this next one and hopefully more of you will support each other, let's smash this next one my little darklings🤗🖤 🖤DaRkLiNg🖤

Fascinating piece, Toni! Great detail, terrific colors… just wonderful! Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Following…

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