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The War of Sin
The War of Sin
4 months ago

The War of Sin

Created 4 months ago · 84 comments· 0 likes·🪙 1

DALL-E 37.8x

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This amazing creation to me looks like he was sent to stop the carnage but was too late, but he tried anyway without success! I love this well done!

4 monthsReply

The Day an Ai army took over….

I get an interesting story from image:

I see the carnage in the background, and I get the impression the subject of the image caused the mayhem, but I also get the impression it is deeply remorseful, but can't help itself, that it knows it will do it again.

As I type this, I see in my head that in the middle of doing what it abhors, it comes upon a child with a teddy bear. I'm not sure what tge child is doing, but the "robot" stops and is reduced to weeping like a human.

Great image, great story prompt (for me)


Wow! That one is insanely detailed, reach in atmosphere and, let me say this, completely GREAT! I love it! Following! Thanks for using open prompts

Its such a Dreadful Vibe, it really captures the feeling real well, great work 👍

Every war is a war of sin

This is a solid gold prompt bomb. Like an arclight strike of words. Take my follow, please

Oh man.. that's zaj..iste!


Dzięki 😉

Replying to: KOTLET Dzięki 😉

Pardon my French, ale skoro posłanki tak mówią...

interesting. Great details.

Thank you for kindly for taking part in my Dark Dreams & Things of Nightmare Challenge. Congratulations to our winner, Gecko6955, our runner up Papa Garry and to Dysfunctional_one with a worthy third. Thanks to all our amazing entrants for their spectacular creations and to all those good people who returned to vote, like and comment.

Your dark and thrilling creation was a particular pleasure to see and your outstanding entry made this challenge a fun, rewarding and exciting one. You are the vanguard of a growing community, lovers of the dark, the scary and mysterious and your continued participation makes the T3 Horror challenge the thrill it has become. Thank you for sharing your imagination, creativity and effort with us all and I hope you will join me again in the next challenge starting soon.

Regards Forged Anew.

intense! really good work.

Wow. Emotional one. Well done

THE SKY IS BRILLIANT, it's like it's in space

Absolutely amaizing! Following!

Nice one! Epic destruction!

Wow. This is so incredible. This gives me inspiration for a few pieces! Thank you!

Beautiful and powerful! <3<3<3

awesome love this following

A battle that lasts an entire lifetime


Really awesome image.

Epic scene. Emotionally charged. Superb.

Great posty-apocalyptic scenario! Careful amd detailed represemtation of the cyber-soldier in foreground! My compliment! I'd like to see more illustrations with this subject.

Strong image Thanks for sharing

this reminds me if starry night, and doom slayer

i saw this and thought dead space.. but works for star wars too .. i love it

Excellent, wonderful, super work.

Almost a modern day "Thinker"

Very cool & insightful!

This is Rich & has all the Mood!!! 😃

Incredible. Following!

Absolutely fantastic art piece. 💚💚


Superb! Following


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"Generate Jessie from Star Wars, The Clone Wars, mourning her dead brother on the battlefield. Their armor is slightly damaged, and the right side of Jessie's helmet is destroyed, leaving only one eye visible. The action takes place on a battlefield, where there are corpses of civilian clones and droids everywhere. Generate with details"


"detailed matte painting, deep color, fantastical, intricate detail, splash screen, complementary colors, fantasy concept art, 8k resolution trending on Artstation Unreal Engine 5"


DALL·E 3 Revised Prompt

Generate an image of a unspecified-gender soldier from a distant galaxy, similar to the style of a well-known space opera series, mourning their sibling in the midst of a battlefield. Their armor shows signs of minor damage and the right side of the mourning soldier's helmet is heavily damaged, revealing only one mysterious eye. This emotional scene unfolds on a heavily contested battlefield, littered with the fallen bodies of non-designated civilian combatants and remnants of mechanical soldiers. The scene should have the aesthetic of a detailed matte painting with deep colors and intricate details, resembling a splash screen of a popular video game genre. Ensure the use of complementary colors and imbue it with the essence of fantasy concept art. The image should be in 8k resolution.





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