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DALL-E 37.8x


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There's still hope.

17 daysReply

Thank you for the generous tip.


👏emotional - moving picture, in this day and age we need a lot of hope

I like it a lot with little, you express a lot

Beautiful meaning behind Hope...I truly needed this today. My cat is very sick & i'm thinking the Vet will have to put him to sleep to end my poor cats suffering. Thanks M for finding Hope today! 💞


😪beautiful ♥️ and needed thanks 😊

Wonderful! Many thanks to you for being you, no matter what else is going on.


Thanks so much, Flash. Not giving up.

Have Faith And Don't Say No To Charity.

Hope springs eternal,eh?

This brings a feeling of peace

This is absolutely spectacular. 💛

Powerful image my friend 😊

Oh this is just so powerful!! and pretty!! 🤍🤍✨✨

I ❤️🙏 it. thank you


Hope - always and only from above!


Awesome creation ❤

this is incredible beautiful

Really wonderful image and title - Inspiring! ⭐

die hoffnung stirbt zu letzt

ooo, gorgeous....

and the next time he sent out the bird, it didn't return...

Hope is the thing with feathers...

Superbe création, bravo à toi

Very beautiful and cinematic.❤️

That's gorgeous, great creation!!

This makes me think of Easter and the dove 🕊️ bringing the proverbial olive 🫒 branch

Beautiful work, the image and the message!

This is really cool.

this is beautiful 🕊️

Beautiful man ❤️

So beautiful and meaningful ❤️🤍

Like the Heavenly shaft of light highlighting the bird of peace and the green tree in a cracked wilderness. 🤩

<3 so.. so.. just so - love it

Love the image created!

واقعا بینظیر ایول

Pessimists of all stripes say: "Hope is the last to die" Optimists say: "maybe there's a 1) back door or (2) a loophole?" Or (3) a "mothership that can beam us up"? I'm banking on 3.

Возрождение жизни!

Oh Can I pleeeez hope for an animation of one of them? Did I say pleeeez? 🤭

Beautiful ✝️🌅🎋

Excellent, super, wonderful work

Fantastic! 😍

Absolutely fabulous! Amazing idea- style- colors! composition! Great artwork!

Everybody needs some hope to live, this is truly beautiful

wow... amazing💚

I love this. Great symbolism and imagery. AWESOME!

Always! (It looks like rain...)

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Illustrate the abstract concept of 'hope.' The image should depict a barren landscape under a dull, overcast sky. There's a single young tree growing stubbornly in the center - it's the only green in the otherwise desolate scene. A lone bird is seen flying towards the tree, embodying a tenacity and sense of optimism in the face of adversity. Light starts to break through the cloud cover - a strong metaphor for emerging hope in difficult times.





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