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lonely hotel room
lonely hotel room
3 years ago

lonely hotel room

Created 3 years ago · 122 comments· 0 likes


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hmmmmm... yup, thats the backrooms

2 yearsReply
Replying to: Bubsy Buddy Backrooms level 1954638?

Now i'm freaked out. This looks like my house. (O_O)

It's a fucking liminal space!!!!!

backrooms vibe lol

sorta kinda creepy if you know what i mean

This reminds me of Portal 2 too much

chel woke up here

I think its like Backrooms lmao

D: definite backroom vibes

Backrooms lvl 0.5 be like

I love that this is like the only good artwork he has done, the rest only have 40 likes!

“Hector, last chance to look at me” is the only thing I can think of

Im not saying this is bad or anything but why is this a top image?


I guess... I just feel like legit all of the top images aren't even good, i've seen wayy better


Comon, how does it look amazing..?

Not amazing, do I need glasses?

Replying to: Sports4life Followed!

I appreciate it a ton! 🙏

Replying to: LA2688 :) too kind

I'm glad you like some of mine! They're not too good cuz tbh i just started a week and a half ago but I'm okay I guess

Replying to: LA2688 :) too kind

I'm glad you like some of mine! They're not too good cuz tbh i just started a week and a half ago but I'm okay I guess

Replying to: Sports4life [Deleted]

Firstly, I'm very sorry, genuinely, i know how important pets can be and how big of a roll they have and meaning so much, so my condolences. Your not wierd for reading, who says that? Reading is a beneficial part of knowledge and learning, those who say reading is weird haven't even sat down and read a good book.

Replying to: Sports4life My soccer keeps me pretty busy...

💙 Sports can help in things i hink

Replying to: Sports4life Not amazing, do I need glasses...

It’s an empty room, that is why I said it, but it’s a very interesting image. :)

Replying to: Sports4life I guess... I just feel like le...

Well yeah some images are almost too underrated in a lot of aspects, so I can totally see that. :)

Replying to: Sports4life Facts


Replying to: LA2688 :)

Btw I like your art, I went and looked at it!

Replying to: Sports4life Btw I like your art, I went an...

Aw, that means a lot though, and I truly appreciate it. 💙

Replying to: LA2688 :)


Replying to: Sports4life Your welcome

:) too kind

Replying to: LA2688 :) too kind

I'm glad you like some of mine! They're not too good cuz tbh i just started a week and a half ago but I'm okay I guess

Replying to: Sports4life I'm glad you like some of mine...

Wow, that’s very early with the amount of follows, about more than 50 in a week time is quite good actually, no kidding, I started in September so it’s hard to say what the growth is for me.

Really, I didn't think so cuz legit everyone I see goes up like a hundred each day

Replying to: Sports4life Really, I didn't think so cuz...

The growth is different from each of the creators, i mean there are creators that got like 1000 follows in a week like LokiTrickster, that's insane for growth, but that amount of growth isn't normal. I think getting 50 followers in a week is pretty good actually, considering probably being inexperienced or something for example so i would just say don't worry, it seems to do well. :)

Thanks that means a lot. It helps cuz tbh I thought I was doing terrible

Replying to: Sports4life Thanks that means a lot. It he...

What i saw didn't look near terrible, trust me on this i think it looks nice. I get what you mean though, no problem.. :)

Replying to: Sports4life Okay thank you.


Replying to: Sports4life [Deleted]

I'm 16 from Norway, no worries, and it is kind of like a hobby for me. :)

Kind of? Cool, there isn't a lot of young people on here, I've only met one other person that's young

Replying to: Sports4life Kind of? Cool, there isn't a l...

Ohh, haha, well i spent actually a lot of time on here because i care about it a lot, but I've met a lot of creators or users that are younger than me, but yeah. :)

Replying to: Sports4life Kind of? Cool, there isn't a l...

I think there's an age requirement for Nightcafe that is 16 actually, i read it in their FAQ or something, but i think it could be for those who are younger too of course, things are filtered to make it safer but i read something about parent supervision being needed then. Anyways cool. :)

Really? I didn't have to fill anything out for age or anything. I wasnt aware there was an age requirement lol. Ahwell I'm a year below it.Anyways sorry for keeping you

Replying to: Sports4life [Deleted]

Oh yeah, i know that creator, a lot of nice creations there and i have commented many times too, i spent kinda all day on it too, but if I'm busy then no, i have two cats so i spent some time with them, and of course school work. :)

Replying to: Sports4life Really? I didn't have to fill...

No that's not a problem, it's a bit like i love a good chat too, so thanks for using the time for it, but i didn't mean that it is about filling anything on a page, i just meant that i read that it said so on a page somewhere, but i could easily be confusing it with something, so don't take my word for it. But no worries. :)

Replying to: Sports4life [Deleted]

My soccer keeps me pretty busy though, so I'm okay I guess

Replying to: Sports4life [Deleted]

Very tragic, but any favourite books?

Haha sooo many My all time favorite is the hunger games series. Then stuff like the Divergent series, Generations trilogy, Selection series, city of bones❤ Especially city of bones. so yeah pretty basic but yeahhh

Replying to: Sports4life [Deleted]
Replying to: Sports4life [Deleted]

It's nice to be focused on a thing like sports that can help a lot, and well i have played football in like 5th drage, but i like to be active and move on about, in Norway we have a lot of snow now, and I'm from the Eastern part of norway in the Scandinavian Peninsula, but anyways i like to dance and such.

Replying to: Sports4life What style of dance?

At first in dancing, i won in a dancing competition and got a trophy, it's in my room, but that competition is hiphop and those things, some popping and locking but some miming type of things like for example imagining that a rope is in front of me and then draging on air and pulling myself forward, but making it look smooth, if that makes sense, before the dancing routine we would run around very fast in a circle at the dancing place and do simple before exercising, we got choreographed by one of the best in that area, so it's not too complicated, i mostly just do it on my own, but that sort of thing. :)

That's awesome, I don't have the grace do things like that lol. And yes it does make sence. I probably won't see your response till tmr morning but ima head to bed cuz i gotts run 12 miles for soccer tmr, id better be well rested. If you want we could talk tmr? Night🌌

Replying to: Sports4life That's awesome, I don't have t...

Well I'm usually online and all of the comments are appreciated of course, thanks for chatting. :)

Replying to: snowboarding cat ye guys it is cool

? lol

Has a real Edward Hopper vibe


Brilliant Atomosphere in this art piece

The red solo cup just vibin there is a great touch.

"Good morning. You have been in suspension for -FIFTY- days. In compliance with state and federal regulations, all testing candidates in the Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center must be revived periodically for a mandatory physical and mental wellness exercise."

its super cool, kinda ominous:)

This has a real Edward Hopper feel. An almost existential work of an undefinable loneliness.

Looks like the backrooms to me

It's not funny making fun of my creativity!


It seems you have no clipped

HAs anyone noticed the vertical bed?


why does this get in top posts but my dark dragon doesn't

wow Crazy artwork! I love it! Following!

why the actual heck does this have 11613 likes....?

Nice Creation!! Consider Joining my Challenge!

Everywhere at the end of time

how did you get so many likes?!?!

This reminds me of a movie I forget the name of. It was something like “The Room” or “The Door”

This is really awesome! You are talented and have a great style! If you have time to browse my portfolio, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Again, awesome job!!! Totally following you!

shreck in the backrooms

Umm... Yes.... Cool??

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lonely hotel room

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