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I asked for a fire breathing rabbit…
I asked for a fire breathing rabbit…
a month ago

I asked for a fire breathing rabbit…

Created a month ago · 350 comments·🪙💰💸 20

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if this doesn’t get me top monthly… nothing will.

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"a fire breathing rabbit, diffuse lighting, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, lifelike, photorealistic, digital painting, artstation, illustration, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, naturalism, trending on Byron's-muse, by Greg Rutkowski and Greg Staples"

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Anonymous User

That rabbit is definitely breathing outta the wrong part💀but....anywho it made an interesting artwork😅

a month agoReply

he musta had something real 🥵

Replying to: Soda Khan he musta had something real 🥵

Fr poor bunny 🤧

he's breathing out of his 🤨

"We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no" TvT

Does this rabbit have a urinary tract infection?

Looks to me like a fire surfboard.

kinda breathing out the wrong hole there lol

im surry is dat buny pissing lava?

The NightCafe AI is showing us all that it definitely does have a sense of humor. It may be a little twisted, but there's no denying that it's there.

indeed 🤣🤣🤣

Into a burning ring of fire

He's got some very unusual breathing apparatus.

Spicy food does that to you sometimes

he ate too many 🌶🌶🌶

I've heard of it burning but this is ridiculous

And that is why you got to respect the scoville scale. This bun isn't going to make it far on Hot Ones. Fantastic colors especially on the....erm...firefall.

You got more than what you prompted for 😅

I know, right?!

OMG all i can say right now...

Somehow, this is better

This is what happens when you drink that Flaming Hot Cheetos Mt Dew

They are so yummy though 🤪

"Why is the bush on fire?" THAT FIRE PISSING RABBIT AGAIN 😡 that looks quite like a sanitary mishap!

This is something truly beautiful

O.O That is the most magical rabbit I have ever seen!

Look theres a lil fire toot comin outta his booty too

He had some of that McDonald's sprite

Goodness that looks painful 😂

best creation on the site, ever 🔥

i would agree 🤣

You got a fire peeing rabbit!

i sure did haha. and it’s glorious!

The poor rabbit probably drank this : /creation/9NSF6LCCKWQOpWr2to5k I warned him, though.

he was warned 🤣

Now that's some pee for sure ... Lol neat

It's that once a year alien peeing ceremony from The Orville, traditional and meaningful, The Moklin would honored this rabbit and treat it with great respect 🤣🤣🤣

well he's making fire somehow...

well he's making fire somehow...

🪙💰 5

If any image deserves top monthly it's this one 😂😂

I would agree 🤣

Read the description😂😂"Cheeky Rabbit" - made with @NightCafeStudio /creation/2oa2jb0U1n90Fyy7mxkk #aiart #nightcafe #digitalart /creation/2oa2jb0U1n90Fyy7mxkk

This makes my heart full.

Golden Shower Hare! 😄😃😄😃

oooh that's gotta burn, next time use protction Mr Cotton No Tail over here

the song great balls of fire comes to mind

Okay there's a goose that lays golden eggs, here's a rabbit that produces golden... well, liquid gold anyways. I think this story is more interesting then the original one :D

Hahaha lol that’s hilarious and awesome!

All I can think of is Monty Python. ‘Run away!’

He's regretting getting hoppy with that girl in the bar . . .

Interesting results though!

after drinking tabasco...

Looks like this rabbit needs to make some uncomfortable calls lol

It's just by from the wrong end 😂

Fairy Golden shower lmao

This got a really loud LOL out of me just now, it's amazing and I love it.

haha i started cracking up when this came up and the people around me were like … you okay? 🤣

Poor Bunny needs cranberry juice lol

BAhAHAHA bunny shit and poopoo fire BAHAHAHAhAhA

I know right? Took me a while to notice it but when I did I had a whole new fit of laughter 🫠

bro ate taco bell and it came out the wrong hole 💀

the bunnies I created yesterday had four ears and no eyes so at least yours got something right xD

He's Just taking a piss

a painful one 😬

Replying to: Soda Khan a painful one 😬

I mean Its a rabbit, they can take even the mightiest of urinations


Man he really had to go to the bathroom didn't he

is it pissing lmaoo

Hahahahahahaha love it!

be careful what you wish for, I guess

that rabbit hasn't drunk any water for some time

kidney stones must feel like this! amazing art

That infection ain't doing too well isn't it?

the only way to save him is to get him to top monthly! poor guy

I dont think thats right.

You must have mistyped backfire 🤣😂

a fire pee-ing rabbitXD

It was either Mexican or Thai 🤣

drunk too much hot stuff ^^

That looks fairly uncomfortable… but that’s so utterly hilarious! 🤣

That can be its mouth tho 😂💯❤️

true, there are some weird animals out there 🤣

It must've been a formula of breathing=urinating for them, I suppose

Did you ever GET a fire breathing rabbit?

I did eventually haha

Our friend here drank the waters of Elysium, what do you expect?

he asked for it 🤣

uhhhhhh man is peeing lava

Well at least he seems happy with the events

or maybe he also has gas and that’s why he looks happy 🤣

This remains the best piece I’ve seen here

thank you i agree 🤣

Hmmm. very interesting 🤩

i mean you get kinda got what you wanted

breathing outta the wrong hole

that must hurt lol poor thing

LOL you got PP breathing rabbit… (LOL HAHAHAHAHA)

Well, Hare Fire and Brimstone!

Rabbits breathe from where? LOL

Poor baby got into the jalapeño patch!

hahahah breathing fire from somewhere

hahaha awesome, AI is dumbie ;)

Love your creations! Hope you get to 500 comments!

thank you so much!

That rabbit would be invaluable in battle! But terrible as a pet haha, your house would be on fire

i 100% agree 🤣

thats a fire pissing rabbit

Na, the bunny had a little too much taco bell.

That's one way a AI would "see" this as fire breathing. *shrugs*


Same, it’s not fun.

Pee breathing rabbit? Ok. Lovely rendition

cool peeing rabbit wish i had one

There you are! Hi, bunny! 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

Oh no! I feel for ya, buddy! 🥺

please see your doctor if you feel like this rabbit

in the words of some bunny (What the F**k )

Replying to: Soda Khan 🤣


What did that rabbit drink?!?!

idk but i def don’t want it …

Replying to: idk it drink me ????

Are you a liquid?

Replying to: idk maybe

no judgement if you are… i mean i’m a gassy liquid 🤣

ok but i didn't want cause the rabbit " THAT '' to happen

well it is his fault for drinking too much of you 🤣

Replying to: Soda Khan well it is his fault for drink...

yeah i need a Waring label

hmm, kinda does 🤣

This definitely deserves top monthly! Poor little rabbit, at least you brought a smile to everyone's faces even though you are probably in some pain... :)

Thanks! yes after all the pain he went through i hope he can at least get top monthly as a reward for being a trooper 🥺

Cranberry juice might help?

Dana: Bill, what does that look like to you? Bill: Delicious mountain freshness? Dana: No no no, seriously... what does THAT... look like? Bill: Cool, refreshing, springtime in a glass? Dana: No no, c'mon, look at it. What does that REALLY look like? Bill: Liquid Sunshine? Dana: There you go. Liquid Sunshine.

NARRATOR: Mountain Dew. It looks EXACTLY like Liquid Sunshine.

It's... interesting...


This is excellent, you win :')

Maybe AI is hard of hearing and thought you said "Fire Breeding" rabbit

nice work and almost to your goal


Lord this is fantastic, I may put it on a teeshirt, ngl.

Omg I should totally make swag of this 🤣🤣🤣

I don’t think it’s breathing fire

Y'all, thanks so much! Mister fire bunny is so close to the top, let's do this!!!

I'm very excited for this to get Top Monthly, but how did this not get you a Hall of Fame badge already?

I have no idea. I mean, it's the most inspirational piece of art that has ever been created.

..i asked for a talking tree and got one which morphs into a bird at the top.

ummm I don't think it's breathing fire

hey soda, Love this picture and so pretty rabbit.

So beautiful :-)

yeah you deserve top monthly

i followed you. the fire breath was the reason