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The Crepes of Wrath
The Crepes of Wrath
23 days ago

The Crepes of Wrath

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“Chandeleur symbolized the end of winter and the return of the sun and lighter spring days. Crêpes, with their round shape and yellow, golden color were seen to embody the return of the sun.”

23 daysReply

Im laying in bed in pain and you made me laugh! You are so cool Mormookie thank you.

He is the Best!

🪙💰💸 10




Ha ha oooh boy now I want a crepe

J'adore les crêpes ❤️❤️❤️



LOVE it! Ahahaha! 💛

Not good when breakfast gets upset.

Such an adorable wrathful crepe!

I have always called them Creepies and this is proof why.

Love this!! Your pieces are so clever!

bound to cause agita, nice one

Nicely Done, Mormookiee! Great play on the Title. Very ingenious...

So filled with anger... and blueberries, but mostly anger!!!!

LOL ! This one got cooked in it's own heat 😁😆🤣

Howww...did I know this was yours?! 😂 Love it as always!

What's got him so upset, it's Friday! 😄

Who took the syrup?!

Crepe is alive ! Very funny picture and so cute.

😄 Cette crepe est très en colère. Elle me donne faim!

They should take it easy!!

For crepe sakes, calm down! 😄

😂😂 nice play on those words 👏👏👏

HAHA. when food attacks... now on your regular tv programming.

Do you think he'd stop yelling if I drizzled honey all over him, then some whipped cream, and then .... Oh, never mind. 😊

What??? Not enough maple sirup?????

Crepe in have a laugh and then crepe out…

🤣 I’ve read the book to which you allude. This is hilarious.

I read "the creeps of wrath" and had such a good laugh at myself! LOL 😄

This is sensational.


Don't be angry at me, I was only going to wrap some blueberry jam in ya 😨

Very hilarious picture. I like it !

Very hilarious picture. I like it !

Good one! Thank you for the morning chuckle!

Clearly not enough yelling!😲 😁

Waaah!! Love it! , I can even imagine the scream it is making ! 😄

I can always count on your artwork to make me smile. thank you.

This is fantastic!

He keeps doing that, his face is going to stick in that expression. LOL

I knew it must be one of Mormokie's wordplays. Also I like how DALLE3 rewrites short image idea.

M, your brain is definitely wired in a special way! Love all your creations.

Very nice LOVE IT keep it up!

haha that one funny !

😆😆😆 imagine him on your breakfast plate 😱

Ok I really laughed to hard on that one!! Well don!

Aside from the presence of eyes and tongue and teeth, this looks very tasty!

So.. silly! Super talented you are!

so angry! nice work

hahaha.. very clever

Love it. No tip!!! I mean it. BTW. Are you a girl or a guy?

OK-- this is solid ☺️

Lovely 💖 but no Nutella? Lol...

Heehee so funny! Catchy name too

I love this and would really like it if you could check out my channel. Following

Hilarious 😂 😃 😄 absolutely 💯

LOL. At this point I can tell they are yours before I click on them.

Bet you were up all night thinking that up.... ha ha ha.....I was up all night wondering where the 500 extas were in Mad Max...They were the ones painted white with blackened eyes....all from Indonesia.......I read Credits....

Mormookiee WOW WOW WOW

LOL I'd be mad too if mine burned.


Come back more often, I have a lot of brilliant ideas! 🥁🥁🥁😵😲😲😲😱🤪😜😜😜🙃

Her husband is toast!

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"CGI cartoon angry screaming crepe, kitchen"


DALL·E 3 Revised Prompt

A computer-generated imagery (CGI) depiction of a cartoon-style crepe in a kitchen. The crepe is anthropomorphized and looks very angry. It's opened its mouth wide and seems to be in mid-scream. The kitchen around it is drawn in a colorful, lively style, with appliances and utensils scattered around. The crepe's surface texture mirrors the soft, porous look of a real crepe, and it has small, contrived arms and legs, adding to its cartoonish appearance.





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