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Magic Touch of Aquarius
Magic Touch of Aquarius
4 months ago

Magic Touch of Aquarius

Created 4 months ago · 292 comments· 0 likes

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This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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I love how the filter just did the perfect thing for you there

4 monthsReply


Replying to: ZenAmoreNC How is it tough?

Slang… this is tough = this is cool/good

How is it tough?


Beautiful!!!! (I'm Aquarius!!!!)

Thanks! You're beautiful too!

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC Thanks! You're beautiful too!

Ha ha, some days, maybe!!!! You're beautiful too; ditto!!!!!

Absolutely magical! Animation is success!🎨👏😍

Thanks! I can look at the animation all day.

wow how you do that

look how mine came out

I think it’s random but it may be better because of clouds. My other Aquarius has animation that has good beginning but strange ending

Omg incredible 🤩🤩🤩

Stunning animation@

The Age of Aquarius is coming thankfully; this reminds me of the Star Tarot card

Thanks! Yes it does. One of my fav card.

beautiful composition, impressive picture

That right there is beyond words

Aaaw i love this, and beautiful colours

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC Thanks!



Great composition! 🤍

This is beautiful! 💙

Stunning, awesome animation! I'm not superstitious but I am an Aquarius.

Thanks! You are awesome!

👍 nice 😊

I'm in love with this! Are you making the other zodiac signs too?

Thanks! Great idea!

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC Thanks! Great idea!

You're welcome and I can't wait to see it! Especially the Pisces ;)

Such a great idea ...

very beautiful creation😉

Magic i like it 👍

Incroyable de beauté cette création 🌺🌺🌺

The animation is the cherry on an already beautiful cake

Dazzling ❣️🥰

Want. Dunno about this astro stuff though, it doesn't seem like it was conceived in love. Give your heart back to the One who gave it to you

The animation takes it to another level...fantastic!

Very very nice ^ Kudos on the video application - works great here

The animation makes it so special

Magnífico, maravilloso, perfecto 👌🏼

Wow! This worked perfectly. Most of mine don't work well at all 😆☹️

Fantastic creation.

Wonderful. Very nice job!

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC Thanks!


Superb... Mesmerizing effect

Gorgeous, the animation worked perfectly 💜

Excellent. The animation works nicely.

Magic, love the effect!

Amazing creation!

Gorgeus! 🤩😍💜💙

Wow that video turned out amazing. I love this picture!

WOW! This is stunning 😍

how did you do this!! this is beautiful!! is it a pro benefit?

Thanks! Yeah - access to an animation option for credits. It's experimental and not always turn out well.